Tinnu uin Galadhrim

or in Westron, Twilight of the Silvan Elves

Tinnu-uin-Galadhrim's Valentine's Adventure.

As winter's chill grows less bitter but the warmth of springtime has not yet laid its gentle hands upon the land, the Tinnu have gathered to celebrate the season of love. Having scouted the lands far and wide, we selected a truly romantic location in Green Hill Country for a Valentine's picnic.

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We gathered in a field of flowers beneath tall white birches, near a rushing waterfall. We played music and recited poems and a touching story written by our members, celebrating the theme of love. Gifts were exchanged, pipeweed smoked, fireworks lit, and tasty pies consumed, but when the hostess realized that the party was short on ale, plans began to go amiss.

Tuiliel the huntress has a habit of wandering in the wrong direction on even the simplest of paths. A quick run to the Floating Log to refresh supplies should have taken her north to Frogmorton. Instead she found herself face to face with a camp full of brigands to the south! Due to the merry occasion, Tuiliel was unarmed and therefore easily overcome by the gang of ruffians. But what would they do with her?

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Fearing the wrath of the mighty Tinnu warriors, the brigands dared not ransom her back to her kin. Instead they struck a profitable deal with their new and stronger allies to the east. The goblins dwelling deep within the Misty Mountains would be amused by a fun new toy, and pleased with the large ransom that she would surely fetch from her loyal kindred. Even more tempting would be the possibility of luring the Tinnu into their lair.

Back at the picnic, while enjoying Linett's sweet music, some of the Tinnu were growing concerned. Eluridan, ever protective of his fair companion and knowing her inability to walk in a straight line, observed that she had been gone longer than a simple journey into town should take. But it was the keen senses of the burglar Henglaf-whose profession dictates constant wariness-that perceived a threat to the lady's safety. Something was definitely wrong-he felt it in his bones. He decided to trace her path to Frogmorton.

The Tinnu became increasingly nervous as they awaited news from the burglar, and they crowded around him as he rushed back to the picnic site. He was clearly shaken and clutching a crumpled piece of parchment. Henglaf struggled to catch his breath as he read the note aloud: Tuiliel had been captured and faced certain torment in the tunnels of Goblintown!

This news was too much for the normally cheery hobbit Lilly. 'Ms. Tui' had been her friend and protector through many adventures. She was overcome with emotion as she cried out for battle. The ever-steady Kethrandir and his beloved Lady Endingwen tried to keep the group calm as plans were made. Finally, armed and ready for battle, the Tinnu set forth on a mission of rescue.

The hunters guided the group along the swiftest paths, but they knew time was running short if the lady was to have any chance of survival. At last they reached the entrance to the tunnels, but their relief turned to terror as screams pierced the darkness, echoing off the rocky walls.

"Hurry!" they cried, "We must find her!"

"I shall bop these goblins, every last one!" shouted Lilly, her eyes moist with tears.

As they ventured deeper into the caves, everything grew quiet. Far too quiet. Where was Tuiliel, and where were the goblins? Tur Orophor turned to the burglar to ask his counsel, but Henglaf was no longer among them! Sensing danger, the group drew their weapons and soon found themselves surrounded. The quick and true arrows of the Tinnu hunters made short work of the first waves of advancing attackers, and the valiant guardian Orophor challenged foe after foe. Brave captain Una was badly injured in the fight, but with great effort pushed onward to aid her companions.

The tunnels of Goblintown were quickly choked with the corpses of those who had sought to challenge the Tinnu, but they had not yet found their princess. Kethrandir, a master tracker, finally found her trail. It was not a happy sight that greeted them as they found the cell that held her: Tuiliel was lying on the ground, eyes closed and ghostly pale.

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Lady Endingwen rummaged through her pack for supplies and quickly prepared a restorative draught as Lilly collapsed in tears beside her friend. The healing potion brought some color to Tuiliel's face, and her breathing grew stronger, but still she did not wake. As in all the great stories, it was only after a gentle kiss that the huntress began to stir and her eyelids fluttered open.

After ensuring that Tuiliel was not seriously injured and listening to the terrifying story of her captivity, the Tinnu decided upon a plan of action: they would repay the goblins for their actions, especially their vile king. Their vengeance was swift and fierce, and soon the tunnels were emptied. Satisfied with their work, the friends relaxed in a large cave, catching fish and sharing stories.

Tuiliel's screenshots Tuiliel's screenshots

And so ends this thrilling tale of love, loyalty, and adventure that could only result from a Tinnu party. Only a few questions remain: what really happened to the burglar Henglaf, and why did the party find their purses so light upon returning to their homes that evening?