Are Fortifying foods worth the effort and cost?


While discussing the vol 3  bk 1 increase in NPC resistance rating (Turbine found an old bug and fixed it, so now the lvl 40+ NPCs resistance is supposibly back to 10%) I started looking at player resistance to NPC attacks.

I assumed that I should always use Fortifying foods but never paid much attention to the actual resistance contribution. I moused over the different resistance numbers on my character sheet and marked down the percentage of each (without any fortifying adds). I then applied each Fortifying food type and noted the increase in protection. I was surprised to see that on my lvl 65 characers, the average increase in protection with the highest level fortifying food in game was an average of 3.5%.  

It seems to me that such a low percentage increase is really not worth the farming time to create the special mats needed for each recepie vs the actual increase in protection. I burn through so many fear pots even when using lamb and barely soup that it just does no seem worth the effort of making fortifying food.

Anyone else have any insights into fortifying foods?

In most cases, I agree the extra 3% is not worth the trouble. The only time I find it useful are those instances where you either wipe or nearly wipe due to status effects, like the poison or fear attacks in helegrod for example. Normal effects are minor annoyances by comparison and easier to deal with, thus not justifying the fortified foods IMHO.

In the past I used these regularly and found them helpful, but now even Jeorl winces at the cost versus value.  We are even having problems selling off our supply of them at the AH where the bottom dropped on soups. 

However, I do like the new Bass recipe for its vitality and will.  Very nice on those occasions where a boost makes a difference.  This brings new value to fishing.


I've never found any use for them either, alas.  In general I find resistances underwhelming.


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