Announcing 'The House of Goodsong'

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My beloved kin and good friends, Le Suilon!

As some of you know, I have had the good fortune to provide the latest in leather fashions for several of our kinfolk.  So I have decided to open the House of Goodsong, a tailoring service for all my kin.  I  have mastered the Expert levels of tailoring and have made good strides into the Artisan tier now.  This means that for both the light and medium armor needs, the House of Goodsong is ready to offer the best fashions in Eriador at no cost to you.  We also offer specialty items in burlar tools and heraldry for select clients.  A well-dressed kinship looks sharp and is sharp - that's our intent.

JOIN The House of Goodsong

At the same time, for all of those who enjoy tailoring or have achieved even higher levels of proficiency, the House of Goodsong invites you to join us in our efforts to keep our kin in the latest styles and designs for well-made outfits.  Many of you, especially Erazor and Fireborn, have sent me lots of patterns (recipes) for clothing of all sorts.  Those that I already know, I have passed on to Curathir who is developing his skills in tailoring.  Others that might wish these can add their notes here so that we can make a chain of hand-off patterns.  If Curathir already knows the pattern, who would like to receive them next?


Also, many of you send me good leathers of all kinds from light to pristine for crafting these fine garments for our kin.  I am so grateful for that help.  We continue to stock up these supplies and can make them also available to others who want to join the House of Goodsong.  We do need dyes, however, and these are quite expensive for us unless we get them from donations.  Color is important in good looking oufits whether you are a hunter, a loremaster, a minstrel or just adding that dash of a new cloak to your wardrobe.  Color makes the wardrobe distinctive and sets the look for in town or in field.  So any of you with whom I could make arrangements to get dyes, I would be ever grateful and also happy to provide supplies for their making.


And that is the latest news from your happy hobbit here.  I am pleased and excited to announce the Grand Opening of the House of Goodsong!  Measurements are kept on file in our offices and appointments can be made any time for fittings and adjustments.  If you would like to help us advance our craft and get some of the finest summer wear available, just contact me any time to arrange a consultation on your wardrobe.  Again, our services are without charge to our beloved kinfolk.  We are exclusively available only to kinfolk.

Cheers and Gelir na thaed,

Digger Goodsong
Fashion Consultant Extraordinaire

Master Digger

Congradulations on the opening of your tailoring shop.

I will continue to supply you with treated skins so you may go forward with you most generous efforts.

If you need more of me please let me know.



My dear Master Digger,

thank you for your kind offer. I have collected many hides since I started farming and will gladly send them to you. I totally agree, that the looks of our friends will help our kinship in gaining more strength in our fight against the forces of the dark, as we all know that there are always people who judge individuals by the looks.

If you would consider me as a recipient for your fine clothes I would be more than happy. As I spend most of the time in the wilderness, my approach to armour was mainly a practical one. I am even wearing dwarvenwear, which and I mean that with no offense (as I am aware of the temper of our mountain friends) is not what an elf would consider as being appropriately dressed.

I think of the good time we had, when we last met in the North Downs and I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Your friend,


Good Friend, Anarias, Le Suilon!

I would be delighted to arrange a fitting for you.  I may have some time this week in the late evenings, and since I am near the crafting hall in Bree, I can create the things we need at that time.  The first step is to connect in game by chat so I can inspect you and take your measurements.  From there, I do a bit of research and see what I can design and fit just for you.  I will then produce your new wardrobe and send it by post along with the appropriate colors for you to dye them after being 'bound'. 

I look forward to consulting with you about the fashions available and how to enhance your look and your protection.  And, of course, I truly enjoyed our romp about last week, and I hope to do it again soon.

Digger Goodsong
Fashion Consultant to the Kin

It sounds like you've got a pretty steady flow of leather coming in, and I'll see if I can't send some more along from time to time.  As for dyes, I might be able to supply you with some of the components for specific colors of dyes as I come across them (which can also be expensive depending on the color) if you have a scholarly friend who can transform them into dyes.  Particularly, I should be hitting grand master of farming fairly soon and can send along any juicy blackberries I come up with (for black dyes), and Havarr is a budding prospector and comes across dye components from time to time in his mining if you'd like to have them.


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