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Gorothul, the sorceror of Sammath Gul. The most intense 6-man fight I've experienced in the game to date. This is a pretty complex fight that requires tight communication, situational awareness, precision of positioning, and efficient use of skills. Oh, and some hefty AoEs ;)


Basic Info and Setup:

Gorothul is non-mobile for the entire fight. He has 180 degree front side AoE. You strat the fight with a little monologueing, during which you accumulate 10 dread. the dread goes away as soon as the battle starts, but pop a token beforehand to keep the dread effect that you start with as low as possible. I recommend food that boosts your fear resist. Fellowship assist should be the tank and the main CCer.

Challenge mode is completed by leaving all of the Ancient Fell Spirits alive for the entire fight.

Phase 1:

From the altars in the back of the room will appear waves of 2 illusion adds every 25 seconds. They are sorcerors, loremasters, or one of each. When each new wave spawns, the previous adds despawn.

Special attacks:
The adds act like their real counterparts throughout the dungeon. The sorcerors have the cowering stun and the incoming damage debuff attacks, and the loremasters have the interruptible big punt. Gorothul has an interruptible big punt, even bigger than the loremasters! He also has an DoT AoE Hotspot.

Tank on one side of Gorothul, Group Hug in melee range behind him. Face Gorothul toward the windows (tank has his back to the windows) so the group can see the adds more easily.
Mez or fear the adds when they spawn. The Loremasters are the priority here, you must CC them or the group will get punted all over the place. Have the 2 people responsible for add CC communicate with each other, divide the room in half to avoid cross-mezzing.
All DPS is on the boss. AoEs are OK, but avoid breaking mez at all costs. If you get a Conjunction in 1st phase, everyone goes Yellow.
Save all your big skills in this phase, you will need them later.

Class Specific:
Burgs: Pop a Conjunction immediately in the fight, everyone will go yellow. chances are you're responsible for CC so keep an eye on the back of the room. If you have 2 loremasters call it out so your companion CC can take care of it.Champs: Other than DPS, you have 1 job in 1st phase - clobber Gorothul every time he starts an induction.Loremasters: I guarantee you are responible for add CC. Watch the back of the room, and it bears repeating, communicate with your partner CCer.Minstrels: If you don't have 2 CC classes, you are the one that has to fear the second add. You only need to do it if you get a second loremaster add, but if you are on top of everything you can go ahead and fear the sorcerors too.Tanks: Uhh, keep aggro on Big G. When you get Sorceror adds, collect them when they get to the group. Don't devote much attention to them though, they'll be gone soon. Use protection on the healer before the fight.
Phase 2 (140,000 Morale):

At 140K morale, Gorothul will say "Now I will show you the meaning of terror!" complete with sound. Two Ancient Fell Spirits will appear and attack. This is very important, so I'll say it loud:
Leave the Spirits Alone!
 If there are any illusion adds at this point, All DPS will use the Main CC's target to kill them both off. The goal is to have both adds dead before the spirits despawn.

At the beginning of second phase, you get 2 Ancient Fell Spirits. Never, ever, ever kill one of these. They aren't particularly fragile, but killing even one will lose you the challenge mode, so take care. After 30 seconds or so, Gorothul will call to them, and they will disappear. (I like to think of this as Gorothul "eating" the spirits) At this point one of the bone piles in the room activates and you start getting skeletons. Gorothul summons up a couple more spirits and the process repeats until the end of the fight.

Special Attacks:
Gorothul continues to use his interruptible big punt. When he "eats" the sprits, he will put fear effects on all party members. These include a DoT and a fear effect that forces you to run blindly for 5 or 6 seconds. The Spirits have an AoE damage ability.

Position is the same as 1st Phase, but make it as tight a group as possible. Ideally, everyone is stacked in the exact same spot behind Gorothul and very close to him. The tank is the only one in front, and again, very close to Gorothul. This is so the Tank can use taunts and AoEs to pick up aggro on any skeletons and spirits that make their way to the group. If you are too far away from the tank, he can't grab your attackers and you can't use inductions.
All DPS is on Gorothul, all the time. AoEs to deal with skeletons, but  take care when the spirits are in the pile. It's a DPS race at this point, the longer he lives the more summoning spirits you'll get, and the faster skeletons will come. The goal is to down him before you're overwhelmed. Pull out the stops.
Having said that, if you get a Conjunction in 2nd Phase, Everyone will hit Green. You'll need the breathing room. The best time to have that conjunction is around 65K-70K morale, so try to control that if you can.

Class Specific:
Guardians: Hopefully you still have all your cooldowns. You're gonna spam AoE taunts, challenge, Whirling Retaliation, all you can bust out to hold all those skeletons. Don't use To the King until at most 70K morale, getting a conjuntion earlier is kind of a waste.Burgs: Save your second conjunction until 65K-70K morale. Keep Reveal Weakness and (hopfully traited) Counter Defense up at all times.Champs: Save Controlled Burn for the last 2.5 minutes. Keep clobbering Gorothul, every time. Your second job in this phase is to keep the skelton population down. Use AoEs all over the place, but keep an eye on the spirits. if they hang around too long, you can kill them with AoEs. If they start getting low, hold off on that Raging Blades until Gorothul "eats" them. As soon as the spirits are gone you have  afew seconds to go hog wild. The stun horn is very useful when the skeletons are piling up for a bit of a breather.Hunters/RKs: You guys are the most guilty of being too far away from the tank, and so you get slapped by skeletons. Don't be afraid to Group Hug :)Healers: You will get aggro on the summoning spirits, and they will beat on you from afar. There's literally nothing that can be done about this, you just have to power through. Try to save Fellowships Heart until after the Green conjunction wears off (somewhere around 30K-40K morale)Captains: In first phase you can use any mark you like, and I recommend Telling, but in this phase Revealing Mark is essential. Try to save In Harms Way/Last Stand as long as possible, and save Oathbreakers until second phase.Loremasters:AoE's are great, and you got 'em. Use Bane Flare when skeletons start piling up to give some breathing room. If Gorothul gets a punt off, everyone will have wounds for you. The Ancient Fell Spirits are mezzable, so if you're on the ball you can catch one away from the group when they spawn.
I haven't stressed how important Clobbering is in this fight. For each interrupt that you miss, everyone will fly to the outside edge of the room and break their legs. This will interrupt any healing or other induction skills, the adds will scramble all over the field, DPS on Gorothul wil stop for at least 10 seconds, and everyone will be without block/parry/evade for something like 18 seconds. Champs, be on your toes at all times, or everyone dies! Guards, Captains, Burgs, and RKs, you can help! Sometimes Gorothul will Block/Evade the Clobber, so if your interrupt is up it never hurts to throw it.
There are three cues for the punt induction. One, He'll have a rotating red induction circle at his feet. This gets a little hard to see when you have hotspots and a hundred skeletons. Two, He turns a little to the side and raises his arms over his head for 3 seconds. This is always noticeable. Three, there is an audio cue: He makes a sort of whooshing, "sucking in" noise. This is very distinctive, and it's the same as the minion Loremasters when they do their punt. After some experience you'll be able to recognize it instantly, and it has become my main interrupt cue.

Final Words
As soon as Gorothul dies, all the adds will despawn, and you are in the clear. Congratulations to your group if you made it, this is a crazy fight! Come on down off the adrenaline, and it's time for LOOT :D
The 4th and final boss is a nice little dessert fight after Big G's main course, so press on, but know that the hard part is behind you.

Saving a spot for my post on Minions and trash mob pulls - because you have to get to the bosses to fight them.

Nice guide Tharak. Thanks.



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