The Warg Pens - What we know


So far, this has been the easiest 3 man instance to do on hard mode.  Our first time through it took us about an hour, and we obviously spent extra time figuring things out.  We received 9 tokens of Dol Guldur (it takes 15, 20 or 25 for one of the 25 radiance pieces).

Here's how it works:

You step inside, and obviously there are wargs, lots of them.  Some of them are regular mobs, some are elite.  And a few times there is a goblin with the wargs.  If there is a goblin with them, kill him last as he gets a buff from the wargs.  We had a burglar with us so we simply riddled him until we were ready for him.

To initiate hard mode, you need to have the wargs eat all of the pieces of meat on the ground.  Basically, when one of the wargs, (usually it had to be an elite, but we haven't confirmed that as once we got further in, the regular ones were eating the meat as well) got low health, he would eat the piece of nearby meat on the ground and it would completely regen him, as well as give him a +100% melee damage buff.  We couldn't seem to get 1 warg to eat multiple pieces of meat, so don't waste too many wargs.  Make sure you know where all the pieces of meat are, and make sure they all get eaten.

Also, most of the different types of wargs give you a debuff.  Sometimes it is a =30% incoming healing, sometimes it is -10% outgoing damage, etc, etc.  Not too bad, but can add up.

Once you have cleared the top part, you work your way to the first boss.  He is a bit tricky...

There is an orc/goblin (can't remember) who keeps calling these wargs that are in his pen that are asleep.  We found the toughest part of the fight was the beginning because we had 3 wargs plus the boss and we had -30% incoming healing so I was having a harder time keeping up.  The boss will not get conjunctions on him, so you have to use those on the wargs.  We had our GRD gather them all up, we took down the wargs first then back to the boss...eventually he runs out of wargs.  at this point you get a chest and there is 1 token in there.

Then you go inside another doorway.  In there you start getting these slow debuffs which affect your inductions (bad for a healer).  Sometimes I was at -50%.  There were fires there that you could click on which sometimes seemed to take them away, or I tried to stay off the ground (on the concrete instead) and eventually they went away?  We haven't completely confirmed this yet though.  It's basically same poop different pile in here...get the wargs to eat the meat and move along.  Shortly after that you get to the big boss fight...

Sort of the same as the first one, but you wake the wargs up...pull them 1 by 1 and make sure you have them close to a piece of meat so they eat them.  IIRC you can waste 1 warg (meaning 1 warg doesn't need to eat meat).  We had our burglar pull and kill the wargs 1 at a time, and our GRD stayed on the boss.  I stayed in 1 spot so i didn't get slowed.  It was an endurance fight and we needed the conjunctions to regain our power, but I guess a LRM would work (as long as it's not Endingwen).  It was a surprisingly easy fight.  After this we got 2 chests (another 8 tokens). 

Bring lots of potions...the strength is 66, so it needs to be the new steeped versions of them.  The last boss stacks a whole lot of bleeds, etc.  Tharak usually had 2 poisons on him that were doing 309 damage every 4 seconds each, plus a wound and a fear...I think that's most of it.  It seems like it would work with a lot of different group setups, as long as you could get power someway.  Turn the tables from the GRD seemed to kick in often enough, though, so a burg / lrm probably wasn't 100% necessary.

I forgot to mention that if you did something wrong in the last boss battle and have an extra piece of meat there, you can reset the fight and it will all re-appear.  Worth it for hardmode and the extra 6 tokens, but you do have to die for this to happen (or feign dead if you are a minstrel :D )


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