Friday Night Turtle Soup Adventure

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Little Bear:
Just an update.  We did our run on Friday 8/14/09 and made some turtle soup.  Since I was on vacation Monday I was able to put one together 8/17/09 as well and again made some soup. 

Thank you everyone for showing up and making it possible.

Littlebear and Valiant War-Mistress of the Tinnu uin Galadhrim,

Thank you so much for taking the lead in organizing Friday nite turtle runs.  Our home enjoys the soup and looks forward to more.  I still seek to gain a first age weapon from that old turtle who dies many times and yet never goes away.  So if you are available, would this Friday be good for another go at it, please?

a humble hobbit in love

Little Bear:
The assumption should be that we will always do one unless I post that it's canceled for a given Friday. 

Based on the Friday and Monday run I have formulated a plan of action.  Around 5pm or 5:15pm PST I'll start asking for those interested in that nights run.  For the next 30 minutes or so I'll take frantic notes and watch multiple chat channels as I organize the group build. Please be understanding if I miss your message as it's hard to keep up with the information sometimes.  I'll start sending invites about 5:45pm PST with the goal of hitting the turtle at 6pm with all the damage we can manage.  If you want a spot but can't be on around 5pm to 5:15pm PST for my planning and organizing of it, please send an in game mail message to Littlehealerbear as to when you will be on and which characters you have available in the order of preference. 

My goal is to fill the slots with our kin first.  Once I feel that I have everyone down for those on that day I'll start asking in other channels around 5:30pm PST.

If there are people who can't make this time, please feel free to suggest another time.  Due to real world job I can't do any runs Monday - Thursday normally.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to organize these raids Little Bear. As Hosklar might say, leading a raid is like herding cats. That said, you do the job well.

For me, my daily commute keeps me away from home till roughly 7 PM Pacific US time, so I would not be able to make the scheduled times. I understand that the bulk of our members are in the Eastern US time, and further the schedule ought not revolve around me, so I wish you well.


Little Bear:
I understand commuting problems.  With a 90 miles between my home and work I don't get home till around 7:30pm on work days only due to having 3 day weekends can I even do this on Fridays. 

Lets see if 7 or 7:39pm PST works for everyone else.  I would like to include as many people as possible. 


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