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Mithasul et all

As one who only has the boots, I would love to take part in ANY radiance gear run.


Since all these instances are starting to get confusing, I thought I'd summarize some info about where these new +15 radiance pieces are coming from.

The two 3-man and 1 6-man instances drop Glistening Elf-stones which can be traded for the new +15 radiance armour pieces:
- 4 Glistening Elf-stones of Hand = +15 radiance GLOVES (Hall of Mirrors/Lumul-nar, found in Zirakzigil)
- 4 Glistening Elf-stones of Resolve = +15 radiance LEGGINGS (WaterWorks/Nala-dum, found in Waterworks)
- 7 Glistening Elf-stones of Strength = +15 radiance CHEST-PIECE (Hall of Crafting, found in The Flaming Deeps)

Note that you need 4 Stones from the 3-man instances and 7 stones from the 6-man instance.  Each person in the group obtains one stone per run; no roll required.  The Stones are traded with your class traders in Lothlorien.

Also, because these do not constitute a complete 6-piece set, they don't eliminate the need for running other instances.  Within the raid instances, radiance rounds down, so if you have all three pieces (and no others), you'd experience a buff of +40 radiance, not +45.  To obtain a 'full' radiance set, besides those dropped solely from the Watcher or in DN itself, you'd need the above three pieces plus:
- +10 radiance helm from Dark Delving
- +10 radiance boots from Grand Stairs
- +10 radiance shoulders from 16th Hall

Those six pieces would give you +75 radiance, or +70 functionally.  So if you already have the +10 radiance chest-piece from Forges, there's no real reason (at this point) to grind out the Hall of Crafting for the new +15 piece. 

It's also important to note that the +15 radiance pieces are, in most respects, inferior to the +10 radiance pieces in most stats, so they're only really worth getting if you love radiance for its own sake or plan to do DN and/or the Watcher.  Otherwise, the older +10 pieces and even the various non-radiance sets may be your better bet.

So that leaves us facing multiple runs through the Hall of Mirrors and Nala-dum for +15 gloves and leggings, plus perhaps multiple 16th Hall runs for the shoulders.  Fun!


Hey guys here is everything you need to know about the DN raid

Check it out



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