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So, on Friday night we made an attempt at the new 12 man raid, and for me it always helps to throw down thoughts and ideas.  We made it to the first bosses, which isn't tough because they are in the first room ;)

Here's what we learned so far...

Trash pulls

These were really simple the first few times, and then when the trolls got involved...not so much.  When there is 1 troll in the group we had the tank bring him to the back, and we killed all the other orcs up front then moved to the troll.

When there were 2 trolls (which is only for 1 pull) it is much more difficult.  If they get mezzed, or riddled they buff themselves with a +25% damage and -25% incoming damage.  So, you obviously can't do this too often :D

We basically wiped a few times, but managed to kill all the orcs in the process.  We need to work on this pull to make things go much smoother.

2 big ugly trolls

This fight is similar to the 2 trolls at the end of the treasury.  Here are the dynamics:

- They reflect damage on to each other.  This means that any damage threat that is generated is actually generated onto the troll taking the damage, not the one that you are hitting.
- Taunting threat damage stays on the troll that you taunted, it does not transfer
- They make pools of acid appear that does about 800 acid damage per tick (2 seconds?).  The animation for this is when they put their fist in the ground.
- When they are together they can basically 1 shot people.  they have a big knockback that also stuns.  If you get knocked back into acid... not good :D
- When Troll A's health gets down below 125K (or thereabouts) Troll B starts getting crazy buffs that accelerate his damage and crits, etc.

Our best attempt was our last, when we split the group into 2 separate fellowships of 6 and each group attacked 1 of the trolls.  Aftewards I should have had Calmegil switch to endurance stance because he kept pulling our troll away.

One of the groups did a lot more damage than the other 1, which caused a bit of an unbalance, but actually helped us out in the long run (because we didn't know about the crazy buffs at the end). 

Here's what I think we need to do:

- Split into two groups
- Group A has GRD, CHAMP, Healer (LRM, or RK?, not sure) and BURG
- Group B has everyone else.
- Have a steady flow of DPS (no strength stance) so that the GRD and the Champ can hold aggro
-switch to full DPS when the other troll starts getting crazy buffs.

Each player NEEDS full Radiance gear, and a really good weapon to pull this off.  Our group was ok on Friday night, but not fully equipped.  We subsidized it with a hope chain, but even so, having the extra hope, and having good weapons, etc, etc will make this fight doable.  Once we perfect it, we can grab players that aren't fully equipped and it won't hurt us as much.

And by full radiance, It would be great if people could have the xtra +10 radiance from getting 2 of the +15 radiance pieces.  I know they are sub par statwise, but the extra radiance would more than make up for that.

Good to know. When you say get better weapons, are you talking about 1st age for the DPS or just good legacies?

We ran the Turtle last night and there was a lot of good stuff that dropped, the coin for the 10-radiance helm from Dark Delving, a 2nd age burglar sword, and of course the new barter tokens.

Well, I would say that we need more people wielding 2nd age weapons for when we need the DPS bursts.  I know that Hos' weapon, for example, isn't all that great.

And then, if we find out they are weak to something, then use that type of damage, etc, etc.  I figure good legacies are a given :D

1st agers would just be a nice bonus :D

The DPS difference in 3rd vs 2nd is pretty small, but 1st are really far above from what I saw. I know it's not a straight apples-to-apples comparison, but the MAX DPS of a level 59 3rd age 1-hander was about 0.2 DPS higher than the starting DPS of a level 60 1st age 1-hander. What still appeals for the 59 3rds to me is that I get lots of draws in the legacy lottery, so I have lots to select from, eventually getting pretty good legacies to make up for the sub-par DPS. Since my priorities as a guardian main-tank are to hold aggro and survive, I go more for that than the uber-DPS.

Back on Dar Narbugud, here's a thread with some pictures of the trophies you can get there:

Alrighty, we learned some new stuff last night.  The main thing being that we aren't quite ready for this battle yet.  We need more radiance which either means the new instances, or watcher runs.  Here's what happens

- We did quite well at keeping the two trolls separated.  We had a 2 GRD system (Tharak and Pharaz) and both did very well.  Pharaz was actually an all star at weaving through the acid puddles (watch your feet Orophor ;)   )
- WE didn't attack for about 20 - 30 seconds so the GRD's could get aggro up.
- Once we got past 125k morale on one of the trolls, the other troll started getting major offensive buffs.  +20% damage, which all stacked.
As soon as 1 troll dropped, these mushrooms spawned in the room that filled the whole room with gas that did 1k damage every 2 seconds...tough to compensate for!

So, what needs to happen is that we need to basically drop the 2 trolls at the same time.  that means you need 2 almost identical groups, or we can switch 1 hunter between targets to make sure they are going down at basically the same rate.  I would suggest when they are down to about 140k damage we take a breather, let the guardians tank and stuff, and we make sure everyone is up and full health, then get back to it.

At that point it's a DPS race to get them down fast enough to compensate for all of the extra damage each of them will start to do. 

We need the extra hope so that we don't get penalized so much to our DPS (I believe at 4 it is 86% damage), as well as gimp our incoming healing.  So, work to do before we can best these guys, but it has been fun having a new project to work on.  Finally, something to strive for again, kind of like when we all had to work on our virtues so we could advance further in the rift :D


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