Amlug's Dev Diary on the book 8 instances & raids


On his blog the Turbine dev Amlug shares his developer diary on the book 8 raids and instances:

One good thing, the Turtle and Watcher can be run twice a week. First age drops will be by a token system, which means you have a much better chance of getting what you want in class and weapon-type if not legacies.

Overall, I don't like the radiance gear being mandatory for all the new raids, but at least there are some improvements over the current 2.7 raids.

I am cautiously optimistic with this new system that they are putting in.  Frankly, at this point, I have only been looking forward to doing the turtle runs that we do once a week.  Now, as our alts get higher and higher, there is potential for 4, or maybe 6 runs per week (I know I have 3 "turtle ready" alts as it is).

I would also like to take another crack at the Watcher, as I think we can handle it.  Our teamwork is great, it will just be learning the new system.

I question what the point is of having 3 x +15 radiance pieces when the most you can get from that anyway is 40 (as it rounds down). 

All in all, I always welcome new content (especially 3 man instances), and new challenges, and this should keep us busy for a long while.

Well spoken :)

A response from Amlug about the bugs in the new instances:

So it sounds like a fix is on the way.


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