Cleaning the Great Barrow - A Call for Aid

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Suilaid Digger,

If you've need of a stout blade, I would be honored to lend mine.  I've walked the barrows often before yet I've some duties remaining to Newbold Leafcutter.  Let me know if my aid is needed.

Belain na le,
Captain of Gondor

My dear friend Digger,

It fills my heart with grief to know that although we have purged many an undead in the Barrows already  there stills remains a very real evil in that place. I still remember our last excursion into the heart of that blackness, and although we made it out none the worse as a group my dreams are haunted still.

I am at present in Agaumar addressing the needs of the folk there, the Eglain they are called I hear, and lending my service to the Wizard Radagast (between you and I a rather eccentric fellow), but the matters there have been altogether put to rest for the moment.

It is a long road back to Bree-Land, but I should be happy to make the trip in the hope that we can resume our adventure from the last time. I have just put to use the excellent Dwarfish axe you gave me, and this should be the perfect opportunity to return the favor to you!

I shall plan on meeting you at said Camp of Adso. I am familiar with it.

Until the appointed time,

Staffen of Dale

OOC: Exciting! I have finished these quests, but I am eager to help my kin out to get them done too. If you have room, I am with you.

Aiya! My Beloved Kinfolk and Comrades-at-Arms,

We almost have the full Fellowship for the 'Cleaning of the Great Barrow'.  I am humbled by the generous responses to my call for aid.  Thank you each and all for lending your strength and courage to this most important quest.  Sambrog must fall!  Those good and noble spirits must regain the peace they lost so long ago, and our small efforts will aid them by clearing the evil that infects this Great Barrow.

The Fellowship of the Great Barrow is:
Staffen, Captain and noble man-of-arms
Mordorrain, Hunter and skilled trapper of wights
Imara, Captain and mighty fighter of evil
Zorugo, Minstrel and courageous voice of good
Digger, Minstrel and merry hobbit

Unless I miscount, we need but one more, and a Guardian or Champion would aid us greatly.  Perhaps, someone can ask one of our guardian kinsfolk if they can join.  Cunithar (sp?) was a great aid on our last dance in the downs and a mighty guardian.  This is a key position in our group, so please help me get the word out to our kinsfolk about our need.  I would truly like this to be a Fellowship fully comprised of Tinnu Uin Galadhrim warriors and brave hearts.

Again, my deepest thanks to all who have offered their arms to this cause so far.  And do read up on our tactics and the helpful map mentioned in my  earlier post.  These tactics will be our means to victory in this most dangerous and fearful adventure and mission.  Finally, let us know of all of your Downs quests so we can make a list together and be sure everyone gets everything done - a clean sweep.  So, those seeking the Bone Man and other Downs quests, this is the time and this is the Fellowship pledged to those ends.  'One for all, and all for one!'

((This is one adventure that we must post in our gallery.  So lots of pictures are needed.  I will be happy to write up a short narrative of our Fellowship for our site and others to learn of our kinship's deeds.))

Your grateful and true friend,
Digger Goodsong
A Humble Hobbit

Noble Imara and Mighty Staffen,

Your arms and your hearts are most welcome!  We shall draw blades together and bring honor to our kinship and peace to the poor spirits of the Great Barrow and the Downs.  Thank you for joining us!  I am eager to stand at your side and bring light to this fell place of evil.  The Boney-Fingered Big Boy, Sambrog, must fall!  To arms for a just cause!  Cheers for the Fellowship of the Great Barrow!

An Excited Hobbit Minstrel

Master Digger,

I received your message by post and I shall be there with shield, sword and body to defend this Fellowship.

Having once penetrated to near his lair, I am certain Sambrog will fall and the servants of the light will win a victory against the Eye in the East and foil another of His captains' plans.

An dagor nin mellyn!!
Glaur uin belain norosila govannassen!


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