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Suilad Mallon

To my most honored and esteemed historians. I noticed that our pens have not been recently raised within our circle here. So I would like to revitalize our library, and update our records proper.

Whom  among you are Historians by trade and how goes your advancement in your studies?

At this time I am not overly concerned with whether or not we have a central store of materials and manuscripts. For the moment I would simply like an accounting of our Historian members and their respective proficiencies.   

This post is also a reminder to the Kinship that this Hall still has Masters, and that we are willing to serve the needs of our kin if you where to only ask it of us.

With Respect

Emrys Pendragon
Supreme Master Scholar

Greetings mighty Scholar:

I am too a Historian.  I have achieved all levels but have yet mastered the last 2 levels. 
We have our keeper of the Library the good ghost Ravenshire.  We (Rumper and me) have been sending the good ghost all the unique recipes since they stack now and a few months ago we had a small hunt for resources.  Ravenshire indicated that we were OK on supplies.

At your service,

Mithasul Gray wind

I too am a Historian and long reader of the archives.  I am nearly a supreme master with only a few more tests before I hold that title. 

Our ghost, Ravenshire, is a GM historian who has accepted the chore of maintaining our Library of Olorin.  In this great kinship Library are the materials that scholars need for their research and projects.  The policy is that anyone can borrow what they need, and that items or in-kind items should be returned as soon as possible.  While many have borrowed materials, only a few stalwart patrons have contributed.  We are needing a few things just now which I can have Ravenshire report next week.  Space, of course, continues to be a huge problem.  So the Library only holds materials not recipes or finished items like scrolls or potions.

I look forward to lending a hand as I can, Master Emrys.  Just let me know your needs and wishes.  We used to pass recipes around in a Circle, but that was stopped because everyone had what they wanted.  Also, I find that folks seek out individual scholars (often their alts) to provide them with their crafted needs rather than using the Scholar's House for such services.  Maybe this will change.  I founded our Library to aid these scholars who mainly are advancing.  Few folks borrow to make things, most borrow to advance.  And perhaps this also will change.

a reader of tombs and rocks

Greetings Emrys!

Kerephor is a supreme master scholar.  I've been making semi-regular contributions to our Library, generally consisting of the artifacts Kethuthir, Kethras, and Kethadir have acquired during their explorations ((Tier1-Tier4)).  I have a minor collection of Tier 5 items that others may put to better use than I.  I also have an enormous supply of Tier 6 items ((the result of advancing 4 characters a collective 29 levels in Moria!)).

I would be happy to pass along some of these T5-T6 items, either directly to those in need or via the Library (if space allows).  My scholar services are also available if someone would like something critted.  My research these days is directed mainly toward guild potions (I'm kindred, and these instance runs sometimes get ugly), dyes (black sells extremely well, as does burgundy on occasion), and oils for Kethrandir's arrows.


Our Library certainly has room for T5-6 items since so many folks are using them now.  Whatever donations you offer are welcome.  As always, our patrons are our life-blood here in the Library and I am so grateful for your support.



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