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I couldn't figure out where to drop this message. I apologize if this was not the right place.

I fellowshipped with Oropher the other night in the Tomb of Elendil. Appreciated his help and leadership. Became interested in your kinship by watching him in action and viewing your website. I am:

Valladar Feredir of Lothlórien (Sindarin: Valladar - Power of the Earth; Feredir - the Hunter)
lvl 42 Hunter
Currently questing in Aghaire
Home in Falathlorn

I am a huge Tolkien fan and enjoy all things elven. I am an expereinced MMo player and enjoy the comradery that goes with being part of a kinship.

In life, I am a 45 yr old college professor/administrator who teaches history, archaeology and literature. Tolkien is my all time favorite author. I play at least 3 times a week (especially weekends). I do enjoy role playing and have done it many times before. I like to get the most out of the game. Recently upgraded to Moria program and can not wait to get there and check it out.

Please consider me for kinship. Thank you.

Le suilon Valladar!  Elen sila lumenn omentielvo!

Welcome to our kinship!  I think you will find that many of us share your love of Tolkien, roleplaying, and the richness and detail of Turbine's middle-earth.   I have many characters on Nimrodel, any and all of which would love to assist you in your journeys.  They are:

-Kethrandir, 60 elven hunter, woodworker, a wide-ranging explorer of the wilds of middle-earth ((my main))
-Kerephor, 60 elven minstrel, scholar, a master of song from the northern shores of Forlindon
-Kethorin, 55 dwarf guardian, tailor/metalsmith, a master of crafts often found asleep by the fire of Thorin's Hall
-Kethras, 46 elven lore-master, cook, a friend to the wilds of Harlindon and a protector of the Shire
-Kethuthir, 46 elven warden, jeweler, defender of the Grey Havens
-Kethadir, 12 man captain, weaponsmith, a wandering armsman from the southern lands of Gondor

They all share a lovely home at 1 Waterbank Rd., Roslad, Falathlorn.  You are most welcome to stop by and enjoy the fire, even when I'm away.  There is a fine picnic table out front, and the views of Duillond and the River Lhun from the cliff's edge around back are incomparable. 

My middle name is Keth in RL (hence the naming of alts), and I'm a Ph.D student in animal behavior and ecology.  Our kin is a diverse and enthusiastic group that counts among its members several people directly involved in higher education.  Unlike many of the others, however, I log on rather frequently during the daytime, as well as most weekends with the renowned lore-mistress Endingwen, whom I'm sure you'll meet at some point soon.

Again, welcome to Tinnu uin Galadhrim.  I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

Kethrandir and Company

((Note:  I suspect your introduction will be moved to the General Discussion or Announcement forums by one of our admins; please include my welcome in the new thread!))

Hail and well met Valladar

I happen to have a Warden Alternate (Pendorwe) that would love to assist you in your trials of Aughaire.  He has just completed Crannog's 6th challenge, but they are fresh in his memory and willing to lend any assistance that is necessary  ;D

Valladar, I too welcome you and look forward to meeting you in-game.  I work in the university and do adjunct teaching.  So it will be good to meet a fellow academician.

Meanwhile, how do I move this discussion away from Digger's in-character writings about Lilly?

Tarlwyn & Family

Master Valladar:

Welcome to Tinnu.  Everyone in the family is looking forward to meet you and we are all at your service.  Fell free to call on Mithasul, Rumper, Alwe, Eleglin, Ulgath, Dinsul and (name withheld by request of character).

At you service,

Mithasul and family.


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