Carn Dum quest needed

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I am glad we could help. For those that still need items from that perilous domain, we can always arange a return trip.


It was fun and it was difficult.  Things got a lot better when Neath and Ellewyn came to the rescue! 

I was right I sang like a mad hobbit, heal Orophor then heal someone else, come back to Orophor and heal again, a little fellowship boost and heal Orpphor again, then heal Lerrinel and Ellwrien and then I am dead oops!

Then I get to win the slime to double check that is not a minstrel item.  ARGH!  I can't get the personalities and the quest straight!  Eleglin is the one that needs the slime!  Well he will have to get himself since what I need it that Rune of Dominance, some insignia and horn.

At the end everything came together like a great plan!

Sing me up for the next run!


Last night we went through half of Carn Dum again. In kinship chat, it sounded like there were still more folks that need items from Carn Dum, and also from Urugarth.

If we need to, I will happily lead groups to either instance. Urugarth is the smaller of the two, with the whole place taking 1-2 hours depending on the group and if you have the key. Carn Dum can take 2-4 hours again depending on the group and the two keys.

One thing to keep in-mind, there are locks for Carn Dum, so if you have defeated a boss, you have to wait till the lock is cleared to go again on that character. Fortunately, the class-quest items are not bound, so we could all get alts and go again.

How about next weekend, Saturday around 5 PM Eastern US Time?

Jeorl would very much like to visit Carn Dum for the slime and the rune.  However, Saturday that early is difficult since that is family time.  Could we arrange a Friday evening or Sunday?


Eegle and Uhldor wish to go as well. I'll follow this board to see when the travel dates/times are. I've heard rumor say that Perigard's family is also interested. I'll pass on the post.

Thanks O!


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