The Last Foray

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By new equipment, are you refering to the new armor sets?

I'm only 55 right now, but halfway to 56.  I will try to be ready for this event.

Ahh, well...I thought this was just a quest, and not one of the new endgame raids...We would need a lot of gear, etc. in order to get in there, so it probably isn't all that feasable.  I think that it is listed as a level 58 Quest, but we will have to wait  >:(

Have we sought the council of our good friend Khrain yet?  He does seem to know these sorts of things faster and more reliably than many others.  If not, then I suggest that we connect with him and discover what he has learned and planned about this great doing.


I might be able to crunch it (I'm at 56 now,) but I don't want to ruin the rest of the game's content trying to grind out 60 and get Moria buff in time. Maybe next time for me :(

Alfrun of Dale

Well, this has been postponed for obvious reasons...

Last night a few of us tried to get the first piece of armour needed, and the instance is fairly tough, but we will prevail in the face of dark battles.

I'm thinking maybe by February?!?


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