Hail Strangers and Well Met!

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Greetings Galadhrim,

Your renown precedes you, and I hear everywhere of your exploits and the valiance of your deeds and battles.  My name is Konur, and I am from the green fields of Rohan to your south.  I bring you tidings from the Marshall of the Riddermark, Eomer.  As an officer of the Mark, I was sent upon a mission some several months back to discover the source of the White Hand and to determine strengths and numbers.  For some time now, the news has not been good with the Rohirrim.  Our great king is but a shadow of himself, and many of us pray to our gods that he will once again ride forth our noble and gallant king.  Now he but speaks of doom and lives in shadows without hope.  His adopted son, Eomer asked me to take four others and seek out the cause of this shapeless enemy, and I have spent these months doing that with honor and some success.

We were only two months north in the area of Isengard where the feet of the great mountains touch the fields when we were hard set upon by a large force of orcs of the White Hand.  Two of my brothers were slain in that battle, and the three of us escaped sorely wounded.  Only a few weeks later, we were again attacked and in broad daylight - a thing unheard of before for orcs.  That battle is a long tale and needs a few cups to tell rightly. 

Let us say simply that my great horse, sire of many fine stallions and mares, was slain from under me.  In falling  he gave his noble heart for my life, and though direly wounded, he covered me gently and hid me in the grasses under his great body.  There I remained only partially conscious for days, finally dragging myself to a nearby cave where I passed again out of consciousness. When I awoke, I first heard the sounds of a strange dwarf who was my rescuer.  His name is Osun, and I must say that though he is mightily gruff, his care is as tender as any I have known.  He took me to his home when I was able to travel, and I have learned much of Thorin's great halls from him.  There I now reside, aiding my friend and his, including a very strange apparition who seems friendly named Ravenshire. 

What became of my fellows in that last stand, I do not know.  I am now alone and living in a strange land with good but strange friends.  My strength has returned, and I have taken up the work of a warden in these new lands, training each day and learning new languages and peoples.  In all of this, the tales of the Tinnu uin Galadhrim have been many, and Osun holds these old friendships dear though he does no longer adventure forth with them.  It is Osun who encourages me to write to you and share my messages from the Eorlingas.  Therefore, I greet you and mark you as warriors of fame and honor.

When I have completed some current duties about the area of Bree, I should like to meet you if you are willing.  I will say that I find it odd not to fight from a horse, but in your lands the owning of horses is a long path requiring great efforts and deeds.  I, myself, was born in a horse stable and reared by a mare and taught the ways of the warrior by my first stallion.  It is very hard to be without a horse now, but I know well how to fight from foot with a spear and shield.  I am strong, loud, and love women and drink, but above all I love horses.  I do not know if you will find me like you though Osun tells me that others of my lands are in your ranks.  I await the time soon when I am finished here with these small duties and can greet you properly and give you greetings from the Rohirrim, a proud and faithful people.  We hold the Mark yet and will not let it fail.

Man of the Mark

Three cheers for women and drink!

Staffen of Dale (making sure Alfrun of Dale is not present)

The only things better are a strong horse and dead enemies.  Captain Staffen, I hope that your ale is always colder than the dead enemies at your feet.  Hail good fellow!



I prefer strong mead, comely ladies, and dead enemies. All in one day is a well-rounded day indeed! It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Man of the Riddermark. I have heard tales aplenty of your kin-folk and of your fine horses and husbandry. Alas, I do not know as much as I would like about your rolling lands to the south, but I look forward to the hearing of them.

Safe travels in all your doings, my new friend,

Staffen of Dale

Greetings all!!!

Let me introduce my self.  My name is Guido.  I am a humble hobbit that has decided to leave town and try good fortune somewhere else.  I am what other hobbits will call very peculiar and almost weird.  I do not mean to be disrespectful to my other fellow hobbits but I am am what I am and I must accept it and make the best of it as my father used to tell me.
In my travels I have come upon the Shire and all the good hobbits in region.  However, I think I will not stay there long since I am already getting some peculiar looks.  I tend to associate my self with outsiders and I do like a good elven party and hobbits tend to be a little more modest.
Even though the taverns here in the Shire are excellent on food and spirits I have heard rumors of a poker game going on the Prancy Pony in Bree and that has caught my attention.  I hear that some fair folk meet there to play such a game.  I hear of the luck Captain Staffen has on the game and about a a grumpy dwarf that is on the group.  I hear too that there is some kind of ritual where everyone slaps each other and if there is an eagle then he/she gets slaps more frequently.  Well THAT I think is rude since eagles are wonderful creatures!
Well this is just like me I start saying hello and I go to all different kinds of things.  I will stop right now and just say, Hello and well meet.  I am at your service!

With hobbit fun,

My name is Guido!


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