May I Have the Pleasure of Your Company?


My Fellow Loremasters,

The time has come for our little hobbit, Digger, to address his studies and get his mind off of romance. ::)  He will be at home for awhile now unless he is needed for specific duties and chores.  This gives me a chance to learn more of this business of being a competent Loremaster.  I am currently in Imladris, but ready to either proceed east of Esteldin or over to Evendim as I advance towards 35 in my development.

I would enjoy a companion, especially another Loremaster, who can quest with me one evening and help me learn the tricks and techniques of our noble class.  If you would be interested in the company of a stiff old elf and learning LM, please let me know.  I would hope that our companionship would be mutually beneficial and perhaps I can aid you somehow.

Listening always,


I know that I will love to go with you and sing some healing as Evendim is a perilous place.  I will ask Eleglin to lend me some notes regarding his LM studies and I will pass whatever information he has.



I always have time to open the tomes of knowledge with a like mind! Of late, I've been in the Evendim region and there are many chores that the folk of Ost Forod and Tinnudir need doing. As well, I think Dol Dinen may be a good area to hone your mastery of skills. Perchance, we could take a stab at the throngs there sometime.

Alfrun of Dale

Although not a lore-master, Bubbadawg, lvl 37 hunter, would be honored to lend his bow to any adventure you may chose.

My Dear Friends,

You again amaze me with your kindness.  Let us see how time allows this weekend, and perhaps I can learn some new tricks and skills with your help. 




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