She Is Beautiful, oh so Beautiful

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Oh thank you for those kind words.  I am so nervous and worried.  I don't know what to wear.  And she will be here tonight - just us two.  The house has to be perfect.  I don't dare drink more ale now.  What will I say?  And what... oh what will I do if she says...... no. 

I think it's me still

Master Goodsong:

What to wear?  Your pants and right side on.  But I jest so you will smile and some of that nervousness a little dissipate. 

Music, some flowers and bit of chocolate will be very nice to have at hand.  As to what to say let your heart do the talking and you will find yourself eloquent on the issue at hand.

What she will say? Nay or yea, but after seen how well you both get along and all the attentions she has placed on you yea will be my guess and my best wish for both of  you.

Just remember that like a good commander that is bold and fearless you must approach this new quest for if you falter and never speak you heart you will never know that which you most desire.  Be bold and fearless but remember to be gentle as you are always.

May Elbereth shine on you and guide your path.


Mithasul, my friend,

I am inspired by your counsel.  And I will remember my pants too.  I think I would rather face the balrog and do this.  But she might not say yea because she is very proper and practical.  In most of our talks, we were going to wait till this war ended and then marry.  But now I think we should not wait.  I hope she agrees.  Maybe for elves time is forever, but for us hobbits, time fades by like melting snow.  I can't wait.

BTW: Lilly is taking archery lessons from Jeorl.  I think she is seriously considering the Home Defense, and her Home League is growing in numbers too.  What a woman!  Oh, I do love her so.  She is just everything I ever hoped for.

My Dearest Friends,

My beloved Lilly said YES!!  So I am going to be married at last.  What a giant step for a hobbit.  I have so much to do and things to tell.

But let me just share this tidbit.  Once she said she would, and we finally parted for the night, the morning came up like normal except it wasn't.  I had not even finished my tea and scones, when there was such a ruckus at the door.  Little had I realized how much women enjoy and plan for marriages, especially theirs.  My home is no longer mine.  It has in it all the Penworth women, all her best friends, all our neighborhood wives and women friends and every possible female this side of Bywater.  I can't live in a beehive of so many womens.  What confusion!  And me?  First, I am pushed aside to the kitchen, then the study, and now I write this from my tree out back, the only place left.  And just in case you thought my home was lovely, well, it has to be completely redecorated.  Tarlwyn is going to find his books in a trunk if he doesn't get back soon.  The quiet study is now a parlor for tea and social events.  No more Tarlwyn's books lying about.  And none of my trophies either.  Seems like being married is like unstopping a shaken bottle of strong beer.   It's an explosion!

I am going to somewhere.  I think Ravenshire has a spare bed in the Library maybe.

not even married and lost already

Congratulations Master Goodsong!

I think as part of a weeding gift both of you should go and house hunt.  Just think about the possibilities and the practical effect that this will have.

At your service,



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