A Gathering of Our Kin! Oct 26th

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My Beloved Kinfolks,

This is such a great group of people, the Tinnu uin Galadhrim.  I cannot thank you all enough for a wonderful time at our Gathering last evening.  With all of the help and the advice, for me it was one of the smoothest parties yet.  I learned some things that I can carry forward to our Holiday Gathering so that events move along even more quickly.  This style of celebration with lots happening all of the time was fun for me and I hope so for you.

Thanks to our great judges: Hosklar, Mithasul, and Orophor.  Special thanks to our musicians all led by Aelanor.  And my sincere gratitude to Endingwen for such fine food and pipeweed.  For those who made our marvelous prizes like Calmegil, Irreth, Big, Kethrandir, Neath and all of you who gave something, I really think these prizes were the tops.  Everyone got something, I believe.  And for those who couldn't make it, we did hold back a few items.

So with so much help and such good spirits, we celebrated in style.  I also want to say that the fashion show turnout was terrific and everyone just looked so grand or so silly.  Emrys won the Fishing Contest.  Calmegil won the Steeplechase.  Turgin was the most outrageously dressed.  Nethriel was the best dressed.  There were lots of other winners in the games.  But I believe that I am the biggest winner.  Having friends like you is such a treasure.

Thank you,
Digger Goodsong
an exhausted hobbit

I must apologize for my unannounced absence.   :-[  I had some very unexpected company (inlaws from out of town) that had me quite challenged in many ways, including their final departure late in the evening.  I know that you all had a grand time without me, but please be assured that I was there in spirit if not in body and certainly missed you all!  I'm sure I'll see you soon!   ;)


Fairest Lady of Eagles,

Never an apology needed when real life calls.  I missed you but suspected something had developed.  I did save back some special things.  So see me in-game sometime for a little surprise.



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