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Gilmallen Gwaifindu:
Suilad mellyn,

I'm interested in becoming a member of your kinship. How should I proceed?

Gilmallen Gwaifindu o Doriath

Hail Gilmalllen,

I would suggest getting in touch with our illustrious leader, Orophor, in game.  Hope to see you in-game soon, friend!

-Fireborn Bricklebottom

Gilmallen Gwaifindu:
Hannad, Fireborn Bricklebottom!

((I cleverly added an extra "l" to my login account... :-[))

Le Suilon, Gilmallen,

We are always interested in having others join us in the struggle against the dark forces that now threaten Arda.  Please send a tell in game to our leader and Tur, Orophor to join.  Please share with us, the curious kin, some information about yourself interests and your character, if you would be so kind. 

And please do make a note of our Gathering of the Kin party - July 22, 4pm EST under the Party Tree in the Shire.  Read all about it here under Ideas and Suggestions.  Come and have fun with a great RP kiinship.

Digger Goodsong,
A Very Very Busy Hobbit

Salutation and well met, friend. If you are here to lend a hand against the Black Tide in the fellowship of friends, then we are here on common purpose! As said you should contact Orophor, our Elvish leader, with any questions and for an invitation into the kinship. Please feel free to ask questions here as well, though; I tihnk between all of us we can muster some answers for you!

Staffen of Dale


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