Putrid Slime of Helchgam and CD

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Glad you were able to get it, Raeth, and sorry for my absence. Plans turned out a lot different than I thought earlier in the week :) Seems you were in good hands!

Staffen of Dale, Bear Wrestler

The same group Raethlion mentioned went back for Mordirith. He went down on the first shot with only one fatality. Excellent fun on both days of CD.

wow, mordirith is quite the battle...I wonder if they have toned him down a little since they have added him as a deed?  When we fought him, there were waves of adds, and he had something like 140 000 morale.

If you are referring to the time we went, Hosk, I have to say that when I was there the other night with these guys Mordorith seemed much easier out of the gate. We never beat him (Saturday night I believe - not the same trip they are talking about above), but I remember wiping on the wood trolls almost right away the time we went, which wasn't the case Saturday night. 

Our group configuration was also different than the night we went:

1. Burgler
2. Hunter
3. Hunter
4. Captain
5. Minstrel
6. Defender

We also kept the battle between the 2 sets of pillars on the other side of the lava bridge we were on (opposite the throne.) There was a lot more mob management than the time we went also i.e. hunter traps + burgler riddle + minstrel fear. I imagine this made a lot of difference; we might have fought 2 trolls at the most at once. The distance from the throne (where everything spawns) also gave people time to fear, trap, riddle, or whatever.

On conjuctions, we all went BBB/GGG (I think BBB/GG is Noble's Honor?)

Those are my notes from the night we were there. I think Mordorith was sitting on 138,000 morale and, at the end, his morale resets and you fight him all the way through with no adds or anything. That, plus he lays some nasty dread on you at the end.

We'll get him yet, old friend!

-Staffen of Dalem Wrestler of Bears


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