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Hosklar will be basking in the sun, and wakeboarding over the next couple of weeks, but I wanted to give lots of notice for this event that will be taking place August 1st.  We will be opening it up to some of our friends that don't get to raid a whole lot from our sister kinships.  Orophor, if you can take the lead while I am away to speak to the individual kinships that you mentioned and let them know to sign up here.

Here are the details:

This is a 24 person raidYou must be at least level 48, and preference will be given to higher levels if we have too many peopleWe will gather @ around 8:00 and head in.  Expect to be in there for 4 hours please.There are numerous quests to get before we head in.  I am unable to explain it now, but I can let you know how to get the quests at a later time.

A Likely raid setup will look something like this:

Guardian Finnan
Guardian Fireborn
Guardian Orophor

Minstrel Digger
Minstrel Ariadan
Minstrel Laurea
Minstrel Sauna??

Loremaster Asuil
Loremaster Neathl
Burglar Ilex
Burglar Thrilldonus

Captain Galaeron
Captain Brianah
Captain Raethlion
Captain Kornan

DPS Hosklar
DPS Calandil
DPS Modorrain
DPS Morehemp
DPS Reava
DPS Cutholen
DPS Sniff
DPS Mithasul
DPS Cengie

The truth is that it isn't nearly as intense as the Rift.  the group can be very flexible as far as what is brought.  Mainly we need at least 2 Guardians, and 4 minstrels, and some crowd control and Captains come in really handy (as they usually do). 

Should be lots of fun and I am looking forward to this.  As always, sign up below and let me kwow what is available so I can start forming the team.  My wife and kids are gone for the weekend, so we might do followups, or also do a rift, or Annuminas, or BG, etc. the rest of the weekend.[/list]

As long as I am available to go (my computer is fixed and back in my hot little hands) I would be honored to Journey into Helegrod!

Depending on where you need me, I can fill either a guardian or a captain spot. I've spoken with Anglos from Strength in Numbers and Rilia from The Silver Willow. Hopefully we'll get a chance to make a great run together. I'll also post on their forums.

Alas, I can never accomodate that early on Friday due to work  :P

Well Hosklar did say he had that weekend free, perhaps we'll make a second run on Saturday?


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