Request for a Library for Scholars

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Progress on our Library continues even though I don't have proper authorization yet.  Jeorl has kindly offered to expand part of our warehouse and rework it a bit by adding a new fireplace.  This will be a toasty place to read and study for everyone.  I will let you know how that is going.  The point is that we have the storage space to keep quite a bit of scholarly inventory now.

I also continued my talks with the ghost of Ravenshire who will serve as our Library Assistant, checking things into the stock and keeping the shelves in order and tidy.  (A disorderly Library is a real shame, don't you think?)  He made it clear that though I am able to speak to his shade or spirit, he is by no means dead.  He is simple 'communicating in another way' as he explains.  I am not sure about all of this and continue to distrust such matters a bit.  Ravenshire describes his current state as a 'resting' one, and he has learned to allow his spirit or shade to roam Middle Earth while he is in this state.  Most unusual, in my opinion, and rather unorthodox. 

Nonetheless, I don't need to understand all of it in order to use his generous services.  He can be a big help as the 'spirit' to whom we all send our scholarly artifacts and relics.  As the receiver for the Library, this takes a burden off of me.  However, I think I shall remain responsible for checking out artifacts to other scholars so I can be sure we have good records.  Frankly, negotiating compensation with a ghost is a bit disconcerting.  I am much more adept at simply attacking them.  And I will note however that Bregol, my raven, loves him and is all gooney--eyed when he is around.

So that is the news on the Library.  I continue to document our humble inventory and will keep you all apprised as things proceed.  If you are a scholar or just know of one, please help me make a good list of those who might want Library privileges.



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