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Author Topic: Recount of the Twisted Heart  (Read 971 times)
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« on: May 05, 2008, 04:49:10 PM »

Salutations, Good Kin!

I would like to share something of my recent escapade on the western shores of Lake Evendim, as not only was it a perilous effort, but it was one shared with good friends, which made this epic endeavor all the more so epic. I would like to both hail them for their ferocity in the Twisted Grove and commend them for their charity in leaving their duties behind at a moment's notice. I could not ask for much better than that!

Some of you have perhaps spoken with Longbough the Ent in the Eavespire? Well, he is quite a somber and reflective fellow, (not to mention a talking, walking tree! We don't have those in Dale you see) and of late he's been quite perturbed at the corruption of the said Twisted Grove. Much like the Old Forest or the decayed woodlands about Garth Agarwen, the Twisted Grove was burdened by its own flavor of evil. Wood-trolls, and I can't stress enough how terrifying I find them, had overrun the Grove. Longbough strongly believed that a greater force was plying it's corruption on the area he called home. So, the actions of a few good folk were needed!

He proposed, in his hearty, "tree-like" baritone, that we should enter the Twisted Grove and find the heart of the corruption and 'nip it in the bud,' as a Man might say it. You have to understand, of course, that when an Ent says it, he means it with finality; there was no measure of allowance in Longbough for second guesses or half-measures.

So, I made the call to my friends and kin abroad, who heard my plea and answered the summons without delay. And, behold, The Fellowship of the Twisted Grove was born:

1. Master Digger Goodsong,  Mistrel with no small repertoire of songs (who could play his way through Mordor!)
2. Master Timothus, a Captain inspiring us to greater deeds!
3. Master Kethrandir, relentless Hunter, the flight of whose fiery arrows rained all the night long!
4. Mistress Endingwen, Lore-Mistress, whose cunning advice and crafty wiles kept us from getting bludgeoned!
5. Staffen of Dale, a Captain whose hopes were to not get killed!

We met on the island of Tinnudir, where the Rangers make their stand in that hostile land, and from there swam the great distance across the Lake. Somehow we got all of our gear across in one piece! Maybe next time, the Rangers will lend us a boat...

We made it to the Eavespire a little wet and exhausted since it seemed as though we swam most of the night... We dried ourselves and our things off by one of Kethrandir's cheering fires, and then assembled ourselves with Longbough, who was still in quite a huff about the Twisted Grove. For an Ent, he seemed quite anxious.

We entered the Twisted Grove with apprehension and discussed our roles and how we might keep one another alive best, not to mention stay out of Longbough's way! All that being done and decided on, we ventured forth into the deeper climes of the Grove, which was thick with the scent of decay and rot. (This is a good picture because it is the only one where I got ALL of Longbough)

The foray began quickly inside the deeper reaches, and the trolls assailed us without abandon in their breeding ground. Coming in swarms, they continually confounded me by their speed and anger. As you can see there was quite a tumult and stirring up of dust as the trolls lumbered about.

Branches and bark everywhere!

At last we reached the end of the darkness, but, lo, it was the darkest of all! We encountered the fiend Heart-Rot, the menace of the Grove and he was the fiercest of all the trolls that night by many times. We found that our weapons harmed him naught but by a small measure, which was undone by the Twisted Heart, the great, rotten tree that was truly the brunt of our mission there. It and Heart-Rot had to be destroyed.

We had to be rid of the roots that Heart-Rot was guarding so that we could fell the Twisted Heart up in a higher level of the Grove. The biggest tree I've ever seen...

The roots were hacked to bits and the Heart left defenseless against us. The giant tree, long-infected and ancient, fell before us, which in turn left Heart-Rot vulnerable. The source of his power had vanished; he subsequently toppled beneath our blows.

With the Grove purged, drinks were passed. Only Barliman's Best!

We bid Longbough farewell and returned to Tinnudir, where we settled the evening down with some good songs!

May the Fellowship of the Twisted Grove live long!

-Staffen of Dale

((I tried to get everyone in the pictures, but it's a little difficult in that place, you understand Grin ))
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« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2008, 08:35:44 AM »

What a wonderful story, Cap'n.  I loved the pictures of the battles and the great narrative with it.  Let's have more of these tales of our adventures, folks.  Kudoes and thanks to Cap'n Staffen.

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