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Author Topic: Jeorl's Story as Told by Digger  (Read 832 times)
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« on: April 09, 2008, 02:45:03 PM »

Me Dear Kinfolk,

I have talked and talked with Jeorl about telling his story here, and he simply won't or can't yet.  Early on after Tarlwyn and I found him and invited him to live with us, I wrote a song to ease his sorrow.  Grief shared is often not so strong, as my Ma used to say.  With his permission now I would like to share his story with you.  Though I am but a learning poet and musician, I hope you find in these words the true story of Jeorl's past and his one love.  Her name was Illuvien.

The Maid of Imladris

The starlight sparkles in her hair
As she runs singing, clear and fair.
Vardaís child in youthís delight,
She laughs and dances with the night
Through barley fields and mist,
The Maid of Imladris.

She saw him swimming in the stream
By silver lilies where fishes gleam.
With hearts inflamed their souls were bound.
Starlit lovers each other found
On trembling lips their first kiss,
The Maid of Imladris.

Time held them loving in endless bloom;
Yet their fate was timeís foreseen doom.
He was mortal but she not so;
Her hunter could not westward go.
True loveís end she canít dismiss,
The Maid of Imladris.

Varda hearkened to her childís desire,
And craft a gift from sacred fire.
The blessed nightfallís gentle breath
Waft the maid a mortalís death.
She gave life for loverís bliss,
The Maid of Imladris

He rode west for her wedding gift,
Still on his lips their parting kiss,
But on return, destruction found
And her pale form upon the ground.
Evilís arrow did not miss
The Maid of Imladris

His heart was torn; his soulmate dead.
Years he wandered by madness led.
Now he grows old; his thin hair grey
He walks the night and waits for day
Love's memory - their last kiss,
His Maid of Imladris.

Your humble minstrel and Jeorl's friend,
Digger Goodsong
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