Chapter One : An adventure begins.


((This is the story and background of the renowned hobbit Perila Willowhill.))

I sit here under this beautiful flowering elm tree in the valley of Rivendell and think about all the past happenings in my life. I can only hope you can spare the time to listen, as it all adds up to quite the tale.

I will begin at the very beginning of my life, which is one of the most tragic tales. My mother’s name was Greta Took, but became Greta Willowhill after marrying my father Bundo. Before me she bore my older sister Shastina.

They called the midwife into our home on a stormy night where the dark room would illuminate every few seconds with the flickers of lightning. They all thought it would be a joyous night, despite the storm as they added a new member into to the family. Unfortunately they were wrong when the complications arose, and my mother passed away that night. Even though I never met her, I still grieve that she never left me with the memory of her fair face, warm smile, and melodious laugh that my father and Shastina always tell me about. While the family did gain a new member that stormy night, sadly it lost another. My father welcomed me into the world even in his grief, and decided to still raise both me and my sister without a mother. He named me Perila as my mother had wished if it was a girl.

Shortly after the death and funeral, he decided he wanted a fresh start, so he moved us away from our hole in Took Bank, and purchased a new home in Overhill on the edge on the Bindbole Wood. I spent a lot of my early days under those tall evergreen pines in the wood, fishing in the bubbling stream next to our small hole, and acting out my own adventures on top of rocks and stumps. I did not know then, that adventure was looking for me this whole time.

One beautiful Spring starry night in my early tween years, I had fallen asleep on the sofa in the parlor of our hole while reading one of my favorite tales about my ancestor Bullroarer. I awoke just before midnight to the crisp breezing floating past the thin curtains of the open round window looking out into the garden. I heard something then I had never heard before. It had to be the sweetest sound I have ever heard. It sounded like the bubbling brook next to our home had awoken in song. It filled my heart with great joy to hear this sweet singing voice mixed with the noise of the rushing water. In my curiosity I peaked out the window, disappointed to see only the shadows of the pines swaying in the cool breeze and the faint white rushing of the water.

I shook my head and made my way into the washroom to splash some water on my face and finally make my way to my own bed. As I snuggled down into my soft blankets, the memory of the voice would not leave my head and was not allowing me to sleep. I quickly shuffled out of my bed, and grabbed my cloak to wrap around myself. I quietly made my way to the big red round door of our hole, and opened it quietly as not to disturb my sleeping sister and father.

The night air felt good. It was warm, with a bit of winter chill still clinging to it. As I started making my way up the banks of the stream I heard a faint giggle and then the faint sound of a flute. Curiosity aroused in me as I quietly made my way towards the sound of the music. As the music grew louder, I noticed the stars began shining brighter, and it almost felt as if the trees were leaning in trying to catch a glimpse of the beautiful music themselves. I worked my way behind one of these large pines and glimpsed around it surprised to see a tale opening up before my eyes.

They were elves, three of them! I had heard so much about elves but had never had the chance to see them. These people were so joyful and beautiful, with the stars shining in their eyes and the soft flickering of flames reflecting off their sheen golden hair. They were laughing, singing and talking amongst one another.  I sat there watching, with my mouth hanging open wondering if I had really drifted off in my own bed and was dreaming.

Then to my surprise and fright, one of the elves turned towards the tree and said,”Aiya! Please come out now Perila Willowhill, we have been expecting you.”  I was so frightened I didn’t know whether to run away, or make my way over to the warm fire. I didn’t have much time to consider as she got up and made her way over to me. “Please come join us at the fire and be merry, we have much to talk about,” she said to me laughing as she grabbed my hand and led me over to the fire.

I sat down on a stump next to the flames and studied their faces not knowing what to say to these fair people. I opened my mouth to talk, but quickly snapped it shut again being at a loss for words. The elf who led me over to the fire, laughed merrily and sat down next to me. She had a curly golden hair, a long robe that matched the colored of the night sky, and she held a lute. ”I am Lithoniel Goldensong. I hail from the golden wood of Lorien. These are my friends, Alassiel and Ithielwin, my friends and kin. We came to these woods many nights ago and have been watching over these lands. The other day we saw a fair headed hobbit fishing in the stream who caught our eye. We have been watching you for many days now.”

I sat there a moment working up the courage to respond, and when I did my voice sounded raspy and almost unpleasant compared to the voice of the beautiful elf sitting next to me. “Why would you watch me Lithoniel?” I asked, “I am nothing but a simple hobbit.” Her eyes shone as she listened to me carefully. “Perila, you show great spirit, and have carried the blessing of the elves with you since birth. Your father was named an elf friend many decades ago, and we have been keeping an eye on your since you were born.” She paused for a moment then continued. “Long ago we did meet once, but you would not remember because it was right after the passing of your mother.”

I quickly snapped my mouth shut realizing that it was hanging open. This was somewhat amusing to the other elves as they quietly giggled to themselves. “I…I do not understand Lithoniel.” As I sat there shaking my head, one of the other elves, Alassiel spoke up. Alassiel had short golden hair, was wearing shining armor like I had never seen, and had a sword so big I doubt I could pick it up. “Perila, we saw the evil start to come into these lands. We have forseen what may happen if things do not change. You have been chosen for destiny, and you must come with us. Your father has known this night would come, and you are ready now. We leave tonight” I began sweating even though the breeze was cool upon my skin. A million things were running through my mind. I still did not understand and put my head in my hands. The elf Lithoniel put her hand on my shoulder and softly said, ”I know this is a lot to think about, but evil is quickly spreading into these lands, even if you do not see it yet. I know you want to protect your home, family, and this forest you have grown to love. You do not have to do this, but we want to help you. We need you.”

I thought of the things she told me, and then nodded my head. I was going to let the Took-ish side of me give way this time, and I wanted to save my home. I was ready to start an adventure just like Bullroarer Took and Mad Baggins. But at the same time I was very frightened. Lithoniel took me by the hand again and we quietly started making our way back to my home. When we reached the door she whispered to me, ”Quickly and quietly pack only the belongings you need. Do not bother saying goodbye, we need haste and they know where you will have gone. Then Perila, set out for the border of the Shire. We will meet near the Brandywine Bridge. Namarie mellon.”

I hastily followed her instructions and made my way to the front of my home again, where I had first heard that melodious singing which felt like ages ago. I saw my father's bow above the fireplace and carefully got it down. I softly stroked the wooding carvings as I held it in my hand. I wasn't sure if I really needed it, but I had practiced a bit with it before and decided to pack it too.  As I quietly closed the door behind me, one tear slid down my cheek as I wondered if I would ever see my father and sister again. I set off down the road as the dark night closed in around me, and this is how it all began…

***To be continued***

Fair Mistress Perila,

Now I begin to understand why we never met at the family gatherings.  I fear that my childhood was simple compared with yours, though there have been losses.  So now I wait to learn what became of this small hobbit child with her father's bow.  Even though I know you now, between then and here a great deal of water has flowed.  Tell more, please, so I can learn of your history and adventures.

Friends always,


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