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Well, I already made note of this in another thread, but perhaps an official announcement would serve well.

The officers of this great kinship have been talking about expanding our kinship.  We really want to focus on some younger (lower level) players who share our unique style of play.  That being a relaxed role play atmosphere that is friendly and helpful.

We would like to set a target of 5 new recruits a month for the first little while to see where that leads us.  I will be rolling a new character with the express purpose being to meet new players and advertise for our kinship.  I would encourage you all to either do the same, or to spend some time in the starter areas and offer your services to some of the new players. 

We believe that new players will help us in a few ways over looking to recruit higher level players:
It will be a bigger pool to draw on.  Usually once you are level 20 you are already in a kinshipIt will help us to not be too focused on ourselves.  Helping out the younglings is a great service, and when a "50" helps out newer players they are always most appreciativeThere will always be some fallout from level 50 players.  Eventually people will seek new challenges and maybe go by the way side (see Osun), but newer players have a potentially longer kinship life
I am quite sure I can come up with more reasons, but those are good to start with  8)

My Good Friend,

I commend your efforts and look forward to helping you.  I also find that if I make up some light and medium tailored goods and share them that I can generally engage a group of folks.  I will be going to the Shire with Digger to find mature folks who would like some RP in a great kinship.

BTW: recruiting is highly competitive on the Nimrodel server from all indications in the game and on the forums.  Nimrodel's image is heavily influenced by the PvMP folks on the forums.  We might try this a bit by ourselves and then join with some of our Alliance folks to recruit.

I would like to suggest a recruiting plan and a process to handle new recruits.  Sometimes, folks join and then get ignored.  Shall we discuss either a recruiting plan - solo visits to entry areas, music concerts in entry areas, events focused on levels 1-10, and gifts for new friends - and a new recruit process - join up, get assigned a buddy to aid you (Big Sister/Bros thing), see the Craft Master for your vocation, have Master of the Hunt tag all stables for them, etc.

Great initiative, Hosklar.  Count on my help and time to make this happen.



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