Farewell for Now from the Osun Family

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Greetings Tinnu uin Galadhrim,

The Osun family (Ithril, Ravenshire, Veshea and Osun) have been called home to other duties for awhile.  We believe that this will be a long absence, perhaps until next year.  Osun in speaking with me and others sends both his sincere thanks for the camaraderie and his regrets that he must depart.  He has generously bestowed a boon upon our kinship of all of his resources.  These are among others that are being used to establish the Ravenshire Funds.  Though he must leave for a period, his gift to you is a measure of how much he enjoyed your company and valued your friendships.

We all wish him well, and trust that the light ever shines upon his path until his speedy return to our fold.  The memory of his great deeds will not be forgotten and tales will be told of his kindness and strength as our kinsman.

Belain na le, good friend and comrade,


Even though I did not meet them, I have fine armor that was crafted by Osun!!  They will be missed.

That being said, our kinship appears to becoming smaller as the days grow longer.  We need to be recruiting to help fill out our ranks.  It would most especially be profitable to me and my family members if there were more fellow adventurers that resided within the same timeframe of the day that we travel (ie Eastern time).

Would it be appropriate to send out a tell advertising our fine kinship during the hours that we travel the Middle Earth roads?  If so, perhaps an officer could draft the advertisement that all of us could use to expand our fair kinship.

As always,

We, as the officers, have been speaking about this very problem Ariadan.  We believe that the best way for us to expand our kinship is to start playing some lower level characters.  We need to build from the bottom up, and if that means rolling an alternate to get the buzz out there about our friendly nature, and mild-mannered RP atmosphere, then we should do that.  We have a goal of 5 new recruits each month right now. 

I am not sure that sending an in-game advertisment would be our best approach.  Generally speaking, players do not like spam like that, and since we are seeking gamers that fit our unique description, I doubt we would get much payoff from that process. 

I am surprised that you aren't able to get more aid from the Leithrim channel though?  I would think that in the EST hours there are more people on.  I play EST myself, but am usually not able to get on until after 8:30 due to family requirements.  there is usually plenty to do at that time of the evening.

I was on the other night as Helikaeon (level 34) and riding through the Shire when a friendly hobbit lass (level 9) inquired about our kinship.  I told her about our great kin and gave her the website address for our forums.

I think if we stop to talk with others and help them especially with book quests we can definately draw some inquiries.

Aye, we do need some more people in our kin.  Especially with the loss of the Osun family our kinship seems to be getting smaller.  It seems whenever I am on whether it be  in the morning or at night (EST) there is hardly any people from our kin on.  The only time I tend to see more than one or two kin on is on Fridays especially during Raids.  Me being a level 29 and 37 (Raethlion and Keltgar), I very rarely get help (unless it be from Ariadan, Helikaeon, or Garridoc) because people of higher levels are all called away on raids and such.  Though I do not disapprove of the raids and the level 50s getting together, I do think we need to get more people, especially lower levels characters who fit in with our fine kinship.  I used to play a MMO called Guild Wars and even though most people on it were younger and very rarely knew what they were doing ;D, good (mature) Guilds (kinships) offered their time and helped lower level characters, this helped to increase membership because of the very helpful atmosphere that most players were seeking (it also helped them feel part of the family, so to speak).   I do think by helping lower level characters and give them "gifts" especially a gift of our time and interest will help us increase our membership though the key is to find those who fit our kinship's profile.



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