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"Greetings from Dale, Land beneath the Lonely Mountain. I am Staffen, Son of Pehr, of the Line of Lars. I come from the Celduin, the River Running, and it was there that I have heard of your fellowship, and have come seeking your collective counsel in these black times. For we, too, have heard the black whispers from the south and our hope is shaken by them.

I have left my lands to find fellowship with those who would fight the Enemy, and I am here now with little knowledge of Elf, Dwarf, Little-Folk, or otherwise - setting apart that we are still free to do as we will. It is my will to join in your company, and I should pray it is your will to have me." 

Hello friends,

I happened upon your kinship here from the LOTRO forums, and I am very interested in your fellowship here. I am looking for a kinship that just likes to roleplay and enjoy the quests like you say on your homepage. You don't seem to have very many members either, which, for me at least, is a positive thing  :) A lot of kinships have either so many members I couldn't possibly ever meet them all, their members are immature, or their outlooks are focused on power-gaming, raiding, and on and on and on. Enough of that, though.

My character's name is Staffen, and he is of the world of Men (out of Dale.) I am a level 14 Captain, and I've been mostly soloing since I started except for a few group quests. I love JRRT's lore, but I'm not all that knowledgable of it. This game has actually turned out to be a good place to learn some of it, I'm finding! I have some experience Rping in Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2, some PnP Forgotten Realms settings, and even some forum-based, play-by-post Rping. I usually play a little bit after work Mon-Fri and little more on the weekends.

I would very much like to contact your members in-game (I'm also on the Nimrodel server) and IC and see if we are a fit for one another! I would be honored if you would invite me to join with you.

Kind regards!

Great to meet you Staffen.  I am sure that you would be a great fit.  Our Kinship is both RP and normal chat.  A few of us will RP more than others, of course.  We are definitely a laid back group, and you will never feel any pressure to be a part of anything, or to power level your way anywhere.  And we have members of all levels.  So, that being said, I would encourage you to look for Orophor when online.  He will be the one most likely to be on and able to invite you to join our great kinship.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I will be sure to look for him when I'm on-line next  :)

Suiliad Staffen,

We come to this place from so far apart, me being a simple Hobbit from the Shire and all.  I am learning to be a Minstrel and took to the road for this cause due my Da being kilt by orcs.  There are foul things afoot in our world and the good people must gather to push them back.  I myself have seen things that I can't even believe now.  Not just walking trees in the Old Forest but trees that are angry and filled with something wrong.  And I have seen the dead walking even.  It isn't right and even if'n I am simple and can only play a few songs, I intend to do my part.  I swore to help other folk of all kinds, and many are in troubles with this air of darkness that comes on us now.

My talents are in minstreling, and even my few songs can cheer a fellow in a dark time.  Most enemies find my songs bite 'em and even make 'em dead.  So I've grown right fond of singing.  Since I have sworn to wander in search of needy folk to help, I am something of an explorer and learnin' tailoring to make us some good dud's to wear.  Let's explore together sometime and maybe share a pie and ale. 

Hail good fellow, well met!

Digger Goodsong

"Hail, Digger, and well met. Your kind words are most welcome - as will be your aid when the time comes. Even if you can but sing songs and even should you be just the simple halfling you believe you are, I wouldn't turn aside your help - to take an honorable change as the one you have can mean a world of difference during better times, and doubly so in these Troubled Days. A pie and an ale wouldn't hurt either.

"Thank you for your greetings. I hope we will get the chance to share adventures."



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