Let's Go Down To Goblin Town!!

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I would guess that afternoons are better for me but I believe that my schedule is flexible as long as the midnight hour does not approach!! ;D

Good Kin,

It grieves me that my current travels are not even near the Misty Mountains, and that I cannot lend a sword to the cause. Tread carefully, keep the torches dry, and the blessings of Dale be with you!

Staffen of Dale

((Plus, I'm about 12 levels too low at the moment. Have fun!))

Oh, My Good Captain,

There will soon be a time when we return to Goblin Town and we will sing together while we dance with the goblins.  I shall save a couple of spare goblins just for you and even leave a chest or two.  Soon, my friend.  Soon.


I have been trying to find out more about Goblin Town, and so I spoke with Bilbo in Imladris.  He asked me to do a couple of favors for him when we go down there, and I will.  However, he tells a tale of how he and Thorin Oakenshield were captured by the goblins and taken down there to Goblin Town.  But in the end, Gandalf (who wasn't available to talk at the moment), slew the Great Goblin.  Now there is a new Goblin King in Goblin Town.  And it is he that must be slain!  Bilbo also said that there were caves leading off of this warren of tunnels that Gollem used to inhabit.  And that is where he first met Gollem.  There is a whole lot more to learn about Goblin Town before we go down, down to slay the King and clean the Town.

Here are some places for more information on Goblin Town:
Excellent map of the warren: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=98845&highlight=goblin-town
A familiar tune from early movie: http://goblintown.ytmnd.com/

Kindly Digger,

Please let us know about what time we may expect to depart on Saturday for this valiant adventure.



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