Let's Go Down To Goblin Town!!

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Friend Digger,

Its been days since my blade last soaked in the blood of goblins, as ever my friend I would be honored to fight at your side.  Sadly however, at present the woes of Angmar have kept me most distracted, so I cannot commit with certainty to meeting you in the Misty Mountains.  Should you have to fight without me, know that my hope goes with you and that I anxiously await word of your successes.

Loraq of Lorien

((OOC: I'd love to go but I'm going out dancing and stuff Saturday, unless you guys are planning for morning))

Alas something came up and I shall be away today. Good luck in Goblin-town friends.


We went down to Goblin Town and had grand fun gathering things, keeping promises, and getting lost.  I yet have much there that I would enjoy company to help me finish.  If anyone is interested in returning to the warren and maze of Goblin Town, come on down!

an enemy of goblins


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