Let's Go Down To Goblin Town!!

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My Beloved Kinfolk, Le Suilon,

As you may know, we hobbits have a special enmity for goblins, and I for certain have a strong grudge for these foul creatures.  After my Ma passed away from the wasting sickness, my Da took up arms to aid folks from Bree and elsewheres against the evil that spread this terrible disease.  As a medical fellow and healer, my Da was well liked and traveled many places while I stayed at home with Tarlwyn.  One day we received a package of his things and learned that he had fallen in battle.  He was much loved and honored, and we all grieved for such a long time.  In the end, I took my Da's bags and swore to continue his pledge to aid others and remove this sickness from our dear Arda.  Tarlwyn and I learned that it was goblins that got my Da in a horrible fight, and like always the cowardly creatures out-numbered them and just overwhelmed their post.  Now, it is my turn to talk to these goblins.

I know where this Goblin Town is now and have even been down there and explored a bit.  I have many promises to keep for folks down in that dread place, and I aim to do it.  Mainly, I want to see that Goblin King dance to my songs and tell him a thing or two about hobbits.  I also hear that he has a precious mace and shield that I would like to take home as my trophies - Amarthan and Amarthdram they are called.  The time has come for a reckoning in Goblin Town.

Who will aid me and clear out this foul place and reek our vengeance on these goblins?  Who will help me sing with the Goblin King?  He must fall!  Down, down with Goblin Town! Join me this coming weekend and lets clear the whole town - a sweep of goblins!  Let me know if you can come, but know this - alone or with you - I am going down to sing in Goblin Town and take that King for a Dance!

Awaiting your replies,
Digger Goodsong
son of Hammer Goodsong

Kindly Digger,

Vengenence is a dish best served with friends nearby.  I will gladly assist you in this endevour.  I have some time on Saturday if that works with you.  What time were you perhaps thinking on travelling to such place?

Sing me a song,

I led Palfo to the cave of the creature Gollum deep in the tunnels of goblin-town yesterday. In service to Lord Elrond and his allies, I have explored much of that evil place and would gladly aid you my friend.


My Friends and Good Kinfolk,

I thank you for your aid in this important mission.  Saturday works for me if it does for you two.  Would afternoon or evening be better?

Are there any others who will join this attack on Goblin Town?  Let's go down, down to Goblin Town!

Digger Goodsong

I will join you if I can.  I hate to commit to things ahead of time cause my play schedule is hit and miss, but we'll see what we can do.


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