Champions Guide- Gear


ok, so my fellow champions are a prime DPS melee class, and need the right gear. Here is how I see my lv 50 build:

Helm- Gloom bane
Breast- D. Scale
Hands- Gloom bane
Shoulders- D. Scale
Legs- Gloom bane
Feet- Gloom bane
Cloak- Fine Radiant
Weapons- *1H dual weild should be 2 mirrored maces or 2 mirrored axes, but for pvmp you should take up othdring and an ornate b. ash spear. (some champs prefer swords, if so, go with 2 rift swords)
                  *2H weapon should be A axe of daring from the class quest at 47-50
Neck- Necklace of Valour
Ring- 2 Etched beryl rings
Braclet- 2 Brilliant MM silver bracelets
Ear- 2 Brilliant MM silver earings
Pocket/Bauble- Champions badge (drops from goblin town)

Thats the build you should have, also traits should be valour and justice , and the rest is up to you (those 2 traits really help)

That build will give you the might agility and mnorale you need, gl


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