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The warcry network has a series of editorials about role-play called RoleCraft. It's full of advice and observations about role-playing in an MMORPG. The latest is called Roleplayers Set S.A.I.L.! where Jim categorizes the things that define a role-played character: Speech, Actions, Interactions and Look.

If you are looking for a few tips on how to role-play or just want to see how your portrayal of your characters match up against Jim's examples, check out the article here:

New RoleCraft is up:

This article talks about things that make up light, medium and heavy role-play.

Another interesting take on RP from Jim Moreno:

He talks about RPing defeat, how to in-character login/logout and other areas of role-play challenge.

A new RoleCraft, this time about RP in Moria:

Another RoleCraft, this time about the concept of Role-Writing, where you build your story offline to keep RP going even if you can't sign-in to your favorite MMO server. He tells the tale of one of his characters, Rose of the Sun here:


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