Raid: The Rift of Nurz Ghashu

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I have been tossing around the idea of hosting a raid for our great kinship.  I am really early in the information gathering stage, but this raid is new (introduced with book 11) and seems like it would be fun to explore and be one of the early groups to get some of the rewards.


This is a 12 Player raid instanceI am looking at November 30th or December 7thAll can join, but I would think we will need to reserve 2 spots for minstrels
I still need to find more details about how to get the quests, etc.  For right now, Wiki actually has a good post about it here:

Let me know your thoughts / ideas here...

Master Hosklar

I am about 10K away from 48.  I hope by then Ill be 49 or 50 so if there is room I would be honored to venture into the Rift with you and our kin.


Here's a thread on the official forums detailing some rift experiences and strategy:

Good work.  I was looking for a thread like this just this morning before I bolted for work, but couldn't find it.  Thanks O.

Basically, from what I can tell we should have a good balance of the following:

Minstrel     ORDE  (need to confirm)
Minstrel     LETHIAN (need to confirm)
Guardian       OROPHOR
Guardian       FIREBORN
Lore Master    IRYANNA
Burglar     TINOLT
Captain       BRIANAH (need to confirm)
Random     HOSKLAR!!!  (Team Leader, and Dwarf that will lead you into an ambush)
Random     MORDORRAIN (Hunter, Right hand man for Hosklar)
Random     CALANDIL (Hunter)
Random     AELANOR (Champion)
Random     ERAZOR (Champion)

That leaves 5 random spots open.  I am not usually a "we need this specific job" kind of guy (as witnessed last night in "The Gates of Carn Dum"), but from what I read so far, we need a good balance.  So I don't mind trying it with a non-balanced group, but in that respect we just won't make it far.

I still have not found how to get the necessary quests.  But I also haven't tried in game yet.  The quest names are an Ancient story of evil, and mushrooms for rivendell (apparently bugged ?).  If anyone has picked them up yet, let me know.


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