Stat Caps at Levl 100



Critical Rating
14800 = 10 % devastating chance16800 = 25 % critical chanceNo cap on critical magnitude
Critical Defence
10000 = 50% = all critical hits are like normal attacks, and devastating hits are like critical hits.Above 10000 will still give higher than 50%, but this will only reduce devastating hits which are more rare (In Ettens still affects crits also though).
For light armours 12500 = 40 %For medium armours 18750 = 50 % (and no, it's not a typo but very unfair)For heavy armours 16700 = 60 %The same caps are true for Orc-craft and Fell-wrought btw. They are just more difficult to reach since Armour only gives 20% to those opposed to Common which gets 100% from Armour. However direct physical mitigations ratings convert 100% to orc-craft/fell-wrought. To find your orc-craft/fell-wrought mitigation ratings hover over 'Physical' under mitigations!' 

News for T2 instances!
It was recently discovered here that all mobs in T2 instances (and T3 skirmishes) have a basic mitigation penetration of 6750, which means to actually have capped mitigations you must go 6750 above the normal caps listed above:
Light Armour: 12500 + 6750 = 19250 = 40%Medium Armour: 18750 + 6750 = 25500 = 50%Heavy Armour: 16700 + 6750 = 23450 = 60 %
The cap is 25 %, but it takes very high rating to get there (please tell me if you reach it [Wink] ) Here are some values for different ratings:
15000 = 20 % (which is still the lvl 95 cap)From this point every 1000 rating only gives around 0.25%.36000 = 25 % cap
Incoming Healing
15800 = 25 %   
36800 = 50 %But it's more important to know when your class stops being resisted/pbe'd:
10000 = Tactical classes get no resists in T2 content (tested by spamming SoP: Command on mobs with 'superior' resistance).For physical dps classes I don't know what value gives 0 % p/b/e, but at 10000 my hunter still got evaded in BG T2C. It seems to be different what amount is useful for each class, so best is just to test it and find out when you get below 1-2% p/b/e in T2 instances and probably stick with that finesse.Finesse doesn't seem to affect partial p/b/e. Even with 26k finesse on hunter I still got around 7% partial evades in DoS T2C.   
36800 = 50 %
Physical and Tactical Mastery

    [li80000 = +200% damage][/li]
[li]For tactical mastery there is a cap to outgoing healing: 66600 = 70%.[/li]
No caps [lol]


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