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Thanks, Keth, for being there and guiding us.  I am reading and planning as old geeks are wont to do is such events.  Actually, I am excited by this change though a bit sad to see Nimrodel close, as it must.  (Gathering resources is so much easier with few players. :-))

Personally, I have long wished to join the many activities of Landroval such as Weathertop, the races, and such.  So, I am hoping we move to the rp server.  In all probability and based on my readings, both the EU and NA rp servers will remain for migration.  Of course, I will be with the Tinnu wherever they venture.  Afterall, O and I have a date at the Gates of Mordor.

I am expecting turbulence as we make our transfers.  And so, I am prepared for it both emotionally and physically.  Perhaps the biggest worry is about names.  But I know that no matter what name  Digger is called, he will still smell like a rose or perhaps the same whatever.  So even that bit of a hiccup won't change my engagement with both Lotro and the Tinnu. 

I am impressed with the thought and planning of Turbine for this, and do not intend to be swayed by the trolls of the forums.  However, Turbine has indicated that migration is a process with a fairly clear set of steps.  We begin executing the transfer with the Kin Leader, our Tur, and go from there.  I hope we do this in an orderly manner,  sharing problems and solutions, and encouraging our  old members and allies to join us.

Digger Goodsong
a simple hobbit

Vyvyanne just posted some clarifications (from: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?&postid=7410979#post7410979):

1. Are we keeping the most active servers? In some cases, yes. The intention is to move the least amount of players while maintaining some of the more specialized environments.

2. Does the Kinship disband when the Kinleader moves? Yes, it does. This means all messaging to players should be through in-game mail and forums before leaving the world. We can set mail to last longer on the closing worlds (6 months) so that those who log in after the kinleader moves, but before the worlds become unavailable can receive mail on destination target.

3. What happens to a bound item in a Kinhouse from a character that has been deleted or already transferred? Items in this case will be deleted as the owner of the item no longer exists so there is no location to assign that item. If the Kinleader moves before the owner of the bound item moves and the owner has not been deleted, then the item will be placed in the owner's housing escrow account.

4. Transfer of Reaver (or other Monster characters): You can have multiples of one type in cases of transfer of monster characters. In this case you should find a small drop down arrow next to that monster type that will give you a selection of Reavers (or other types) to choose from.

5. Can I transfer to multiple worlds while in the free transfer period? Yes. There is no limitation to the number of transfers you can do. Once the transfers between the remaining 10 are no longer free, however, you will have to pay to move between them.

6. Can you grant more character slots? We are now looking into adding 2 free character slots to all Premium and VIP accounts. We will also have a sale on character slots.

7. Why not do names purely on seniority? A few posters have explained the complication of this already. We had to come up with a solution that would work for Transfers going forward. Going off a seniority based system would result in active players always risking that their name could be changed at any point, not just when they transferred. No solution was perfect. We went with an option that will help free up a number of names for players transferring in, while not disturbing the players who are already there and actively playing the game.

For my part, I would be fine with transferring to Landroval, if Nimrodel is not one of the remaining 5 US servers.

Basic Goodsong Hobbit Approach:

First, I am stocking up on pies, cakes, and muffins now along with ale, beers, wines and other assorted necessities.  Moving my humble hole is a traumatic experience for me, but I can do it.  My plan is to sleep a lot beforehand, eat a couple of good breakfasts to build my energies, and plunge.  Right after our Tur moves, I will move all of my folks to the new place.  Then Lilly and I have to make any adjustments to how we are called and go over our goods to confirm nothing was lost.  Finally, we can eat again and rest a bit.

Then it is time to find a new manor house and cottages.  This time all of them can hopefully share their borders to reduce carrying from barn to barn or home to home.  Lilly has been all over the Shire and into the Smials studying decorating designs, and she has lots of ideas to decorate our new manor.  Osun will lead the manor folk over to join us and then the really deep resting can begin.  First, we plan a big feast at the new manor.  When all are full and fed, we plan to sleep for two thousand years or more - elf like.  And hopefully, one day, Lilly and I can awake alone and quiet in our new world and home.

That's our plan.  What's yours?  I call it my 'Eat, sleep, & plunge plan'.

a simple hobbit
in a complicated world

Here is a post from a forum that I follow which may help us:

Pre-move, we're posting info on our forums, our FB group, and via in game mail about what to expect and where we're going, including instructions to wait for the kin leader to transfer and give the all-clear before making transfer requests, but as long as the kin leader is transferred, the rest of the members can go ahead (although they will still want to do their house owners on each account/server first). I've got a long list of stuff I want to make sure they know, and while some of them may read the dev posting, not all of them will even read that, let alone the long pages of questions and answers on the forums.

Post transfer, we'll be watching for a neighborhood with enough houses to accommodate us to open (an empty or almost empty one just for those in our kin most active who want to be in the same spot). We'll have to redo the decorations and kin chests, probably have a kin party while we're at it. We'll rely on in game MotD after that for updates on the kin house status and anything else that crops up. Also will recommend people with significant name changes post their old name in player's notes, at least for now.

Anyway, here's the advanced warning list I've put together so far:
Mail will NOT transfer.
Friends lists will NOT transfer.
If your house owner has not logged in since housing changed in 2014, your housing storage has NOT been updated and you will LOSE YOUR STORED STUFF!
Do NOT transfer before I let you know that the kinship has been transferred!
Aug 3rd servers remaining announced, moves between just those servers allowed.
A couple of weeks later, the first 2 closing servers will have moves opened, then sometime after that, 2 more, etc.
Oct 1st moves between open servers will become paid (moves off of closing servers will always be free, as will account / shared transfers).
Closing servers will close (no longer be playable) at the end of the year.
There will be a "Transfer" button below the "Play" button in the launcher.
You can move individual characters and the account-level stuff (shared wallet, shared vault, wardrobe, house, destiny) separately, or you can move them all together.
You will get housing prepayment credit equal to what you have when you move the house owner, along with the purchase price of your old house. When you buy a new house, you'll have the same storage capacity and such as your old one had. Your stuff will be in the house owner's escrow, except stuff bound to another character (bound items always return to owner).
You may be renamed, in that case, you should have a free rename token you can use to pick a new name.
If you have stuff in characters that you have not logged in for awhile that is now part of the shared wallet, it will remain with that character, NOT transfer as part of the share.
They are doubling the number of purchasable character slots, so you can purchase extra slots to combine multiple server toons onto one server, if desired.
If the transfers make something shared overflow (shared vault, wardrobe, housing storage), it will go into overflow -- as you free up slots in those areas, the overflow items will appear. It will not be lost, but you won't be able to see it until you free up (or buy more, if available) space.
If you want to split your characters between 2 or more servers, you might want to move any items you want characters that are going to secondary servers from shared storage space (shared vault, wardrobe, house) to individual storage space (bags or individual vault), so that it moves with the character instead of the account. You're out of luck with shared wallet stuff, though, sorry.
Please pick up anything that is bound to you that is important to you from the kin house. I don't want anything to happen to it through the automated process.


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