Goodsongs Are Slowing Down

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I did accept hoping it was you, but I just didn't know.  This social connection process in ESO using userid is strange to me.  I will learn.


Yes, I'll be keeping that user id.

The Psijic server is down for an upgrade tonight and part of the patch notes said this:

"Please note that we found the underlying cause of the broken quest issues that showed up in last weekend's beta test, and we're currently working to fix them. To aid players who want to visit the former starter islands, we've made changes that more explicitly direct you to them, and the tutorial is getting a few final tweaks as well. These changes aren't in today's patch, but they'll be on the PTS early next week."

So evidently the problem with broken quests was a single issue that they're working on. Hopefully it'll all be fixed by launch.


The case for the Ebonheart Pact.

IF it does indeed turn out to be the case that any race can play for ANY alliance, I would like to make the case that we begin in the Ebonheart Pact. I've played all three alliances and to me the Ebonheart Pact starter areas are the most beautiful overall, have the most resources and the most engaging quests.

Just my 2 Hobbity cents.


I believe the any race can be in any alliance is a perk for pre-ordering:



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