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From Goodsong Manor,

As the end of this release approaches for all five of my characters, we will be slowing down a bit and considering visiting other worlds.  We will always be present for the big battle nights and festivals, but honestly, running HD solo is depressing and we are looking with interest to ESO now.  Is anyone else besides Perigard considering living in two worlds?  If so, we might form up and explore together.


While this is sad news to me, I can completely understand. The slow pace of updates and the few friends online make LotRO a lonely game these days.

For my part, I haven't the time to start a new game, and the Elder Scrolls series has never been my favorite, even though I've played them all (but none to completion). Really none of the current or announced MMOs have grabbed me. I guess I will wait for SWTOR or LotRO to have a serious update worth coming back for. The last game I played for any serious time was Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch on the PS3. It was a great single-player RPG, but it would be nice to find a game we can all play together.


Now, my old friend Orophor, this doesn't mean I am leaving at all.  I will be on and off but not as much. 

There are other concerns I have with Lotro as it has evolved over time as well.  I grow tired of making and remaking legendary weapons when I would prefer to make one and then improve and enhance it at a much lower cost of time and coin.  I also am delighted with the current story but find some of it needs attention that it lacks - some quests are really great and others are trivial actions but both produce the basic same rewards.  The gating of crafting with these rare emerald shards is a pain when you think that 5 chars need each 6 armour pieces plus 3 LIs plus tools and swords and all require that one item - the emerald shard.  And when I am done with that, I don't really need any of it to play the big battles well or to do the landscape battles.  And then finally, since I am kvetching a bit, why do walnuts look like acorns, why are all locations since Snowborne the same icon, and several other little nits that annoy.  It is time to push back and get a fresh perspective for me.

I will be here for all the fun stuff but less often.


Quote from: Orophor on February 27, 2014, 02:17:56 AM

While this is sad news to me, I can completely understand. The slow pace of updates and the few friends online make LotRO a lonely game these days.

I'm sorry to hear this O. I think you might like ESO if you gave it a try. It's not a multi-player version of Skyrim and it has some very nice group functions and guild perks. Goodness knows I would love to have you there with us.

Perigard and the rest of my family will NEVER leave LOTRO, of course. I love the lore too much to every walk away.. and why would I with a permanent account? ;) But the game is not what it once was and turbine doesn't seem to care as much anymore about giving us quality content. I'll still be there when/if we reach mordor... but I thought a new game might be fun to try as a group.

Hope you change your mind because you will surely be missed. :(

With all Hobbity affection...
Baridoc and family.

I've been doing a little soul-searching on this point as well, Digger.  Once my characters reach the level cap, complete all the landscape quests, reach maximum reputation, and reach rank 4 or 5 in the Big Battles system, there aren't a lot of things that draw me back.  Certainly kin events are a big one, as are the Moors (occasionally), crafting for alts, and just to explore the landscape.  Starting and playing lower-level alts can be great fun for me too.  But overall, each release seems to bring with it a small drop in the number of friends who used to make LotRO such an exciting, dynamic place.  It makes me that much more grateful when I see you all online!

Gaming for me is a hobby for weekday evenings and the weekend.  It is also a zero-sum activity.  Time spent in other games I love (Skyrim, Age of Empires II, the Witcher series...) comes out of my LotRO time, and vice versa.  In that context, throwing ESO into the mix scares me a bit.  I suspect that I'll love it.   ;D  If so, I would really love to meet up with everyone!  There's a fairly large group of people who drifted away from LotRO awhile ago that I hope to see and play with again also.  If I find out that different groups are on different servers, the decision will be a difficult and awkward one.  I'd hate to have to play different games to see each group, but that might be the only way to (re)connect with as many old friends as possible.  Time will tell.

But I really must echo Digger and Baridoc's comments:  I will certainly be playing LotRO for as long as they keep a server running!

Edit:  Looking into things a bit deeper, I'll be interested to see/hear how Zenimax's 'mega server' implementation impacts the formation and function of guilds.  If we're all able to interact with each other, even if some 'channel' jumping is required, that might solve a number of problems. 


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