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Author Topic: Background of Mordorrain  (Read 1124 times)
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« on: September 10, 2007, 10:07:45 AM »

Mordorrain of Dale, son of Branforte and Melitial.

My ancestors come from Fornost Erain (founded II 3320).  Most of my father's side of the family perished in the Battle of Fornost (III 1975)
when the army of men led by Earnur and the elven army led by Glorfindel met the Witch King's armies on the planes west of Lake Evendim.  The few men left
in the family migrated south-east when Fornost was abandoned and fell into ruin.  They eventually settled in Rhudaur, moving from village to village.

Needless to say living was harsh and eventually the remaining Orc tribes began raiding across Easter Arnor and my family eventually migrated east of the
Misty Mountains, settling near Esgaroth in Dale. Eventually in III 2770, the fire-drake Smaug destroyed Erebor and nearby township of Dale, slaying Girion,
Lord of Dale.  My family and others escaped to Lake-town. 

In 2941, Smaug eventually emerged from the Lonley Mountain and attacked Lake-town when Bard, son of
Girion who led the defense of the town and organized a company of archers to fight Smaug.  A thrush came and perched on his shoulder and Bard being of
the race of Dale, could understand the thrush's words.  The bird told him of the weak spot in Smaug's armor.  Bard fired a great black arrow from
his Yew bow and brought Smaug down on top of Lake-town, destroying it.  In that calamity, my maternal grandparents parished, my young mother and father
respectively escaped with their lives into Northern Mirkwood with many others under the protection of King Thranduil.  Bard eventually rebuilt Dale at
the foot of the Lonely Mountain and in 2944 became King of Dale.

The Battle of Five armies took place as recorded, of which I know what only the very wise have provided.

Individually, my mother and father with the remnants of their respective families returned to Dale, they met and married...

Bard died in 2977 and was succeeded by his son Bain, who died not so long ago in 3007 who is succeeded by our current leader, King Brand, who has
established a friendly relationship with Dain II Ironfoot, leader of those under the mountain.

I do not know since my ancestors once resided in Fornost Erain if Numenorean blood is in me, yet I find it curious that my parents would include
in my name the name of the black land, although they will not say why they chose this.  My father is not yet of age to say he has "lived past his years".

Is there a legacy in my veins?

This remains to be seen by deed and choice....

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« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2007, 01:45:08 PM »

Noble Mordorrain,

What an interesting life and history you have!  This is most interesting, and it explains your lasting interest in Forenost too.  I would not at all be surprised to find that Numenorean ancestors are in your lineage given the nobility and generosity of your many good deeds and words.  I thought you might want to know that one of my ancestors fought in the Battle at Forenost as a leader of a group of archers. 

We Fallohides have long been proud of his bravery and actions in that great conflict.  You may have read of this great grandsire, Digloberth Longshanks.  But maybe not since there were many there of more famous reknown.  Anyways, I thought you might want to know that my family still looks forward to the freedom of Forenost again.

Digger Goodsong
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