History of the Tinnu Uin Galadhrim


((A short beginning, meant to be added to. Perhaps others will add in their recollections from the early days, or from whenever they joined.))

Many weeks have passed since my eager return back to the Kindred and to the lands of the West. In the long years of the absence and even in the last few weeks time, much has moved me to chronicle our history. I shall leave my own history and events that led up to the formation for another time, though my mindset and journeys have much to do with what persuaded me to take action. My part in this tale starts at the very beginning, as it was I, my Kinsman Tyrlian, and the noble dwarf Hylar, who began it.

Nearly four years ago to the day, I found myself in Ered Luin with Tyrlian, debating the ever growing threat out of Mordor. The shadow and unrest was nothing new, but for some reason it began to weigh upon my mind even more so than it had in past decades. I could not shake the feeling that soon we would have to make a choice; either to follow the rest of our Kin into the West, or to stay and fight this great evil. We chose to fight.

We came up with the idea to gather peoples from all races, all the corners of Middle-earth, to fight against the agents of Morgoth. We knew that alone, we held little chance, but with countless others, we may yet be victorious. I chose the name Tinnu uin Galadhrim, describing the last decades of my people, symbolic of the changes we were going through and that we would continue to meet. With our plan ready, we called to those around Gondamon, Duillond, Celondim and Thorinís Hall to join our fight. Within minutes an answer came from a Dwarf named Hylar. He was full of fire and energy and ready to aid not only the cause but also in finding others to join us. Orophor, Hosklar and Retribute joined the very next day, after we had journeyed to the Shire and Bree-Lands, adding not only to our ranks, but becoming strong allies and friends along the way in those early days of the Kinship.

~Lillassea Ornendil Dath'Anar Rochhanar


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