Ost Dunhoth Guide to the Wound Wing


Ten Ton Hammer posted a nice guide for the wound wing of Ost Dunhoth:

To summarize: Obviously everyone needs steeped healing potions. You need to organize the raid into three subgroups (one for each corridor of the gauntlet) for the switch puzzles. Lastly the challenge mode is to complete the whole wing, from the entry of the gate to the defeat of the last mob of the boss fight in seven minutes so it's a major DPS-race. All this trouble will earn you a token for the new raid gauntlets, and a chance at a Symbol of the Elder King, used to craft level 65 first age items.

Shall we give it a go?  C'mon Tinnu fellows, let's see how tough this is.  I will sing for you if you'll have me.

Digger Goodsong
a simple hobbit

We sure should!  This is a fun raid but it can be very upsetting if you have low tolerance from other people mistakes.  You have to work like a WELL oiled machine and the raid is VERY unforgoven of errors.  What makes it nice it that is quick and all skills are resets if you fail.  Lets make a run!



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