Spreading the Joy of the Tinnu

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Rivendell's charm lends itself well.
- Lethanglas


I have done some investigating this weekend, and Rivendell's loveliest locations tend to be too small for a group, or filled with NPCs that talk, which can interfere with performances and conversations. However, I think there may be a couple of spots that might work. I also found a lovely area in Green Hills in the Shire, with a flowery hillside, waterfall, etc. that might make a nice spot. I can transport lower level players to Rivendell, and I can also find somewhere on that end of the Shire to set my campsite for fast access.

So if anyone has some time today or tomorrow before I send out the official announcement, I'd be delighted to get feedback on the following locations:

In Rivendell: East Porch of the Last Homely House (my only concern about this spot is the lighting--I don't know about others, but I get very dark shadows over about half the area no matter what I do with my settings)

Also in Rivendell: Haven of Orladion (28.9 S, 3.8 W, large gazebo west of the AH) One NPC but otherwise a good size and pretty location

Shire: Green Hills (33.9S, 66.8W), near Woodhall, across the river/waterfalls from the big brigand camp

Send me your thoughts via mail or in-game, and I'll send out the invitation Monday night or Tuesday. Looking forward to another wonderful Tinnu event!

Alas Amryth and I are out of town and shall not return till the 21st. Imam sure the party will be grand as is our norm. Any of the three suggested venues would be well-suited, but the haven sounds best to me. 


Greetings everyone! Due to several kinmate conflicts this week, we are postponing the party until next Friday, 2/25, 8pm. Same location in Green Hills Country. I hope to see you there!


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