Called by the Sea: A Hunter's Journey

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The next chapter of Tuiliel's tale is available at

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever wondered how Tuiliel, dark huntress of Lorien, came to the Tinnu? How did she meet her best friend and sidekick? Why is she often gloomy and silent? And how on earth does she manage to get lost when walking down a perfectly straight and well-marked path?

Well search no more for the answers you seek! I am rapidly finishing Tuiliel's journey and posting it on MyLOTRO. Once complete, it will be polished a bit and put on my Wordpress site, but I'm too excited about it to wait for it to be perfected before I start sharing it with my friends. Expect more every couple of days for the next week or two, and I'll post notice here when I add something. And substantive comments are most welcome--I'm always eager to improve my writing.

The latest chapter:
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Mirkwood is complete. What will happen to our brave Galladhrim warriors when they leave its darkness and venture forth to the light of the Golden Wood? More adventures are coming, but for now, I hope you enjoy this suspenseful tale of friendship, betrayal, sacrifice, and heroism!

Oh WOW!  Tuiliel has certainly gotten herself a huge adventure.  What a story!  I do hope that Tarlwyn can give her some cures for her dreams and inner peace.  He is a wise old elf.  Now they are off together.  I am excited.  And I am glad Tuiliel made her choice.  But no spoilers here.  Read, my friends.  Good reading!

Lilly & Digger

Oh, thank you Digger! I hope I portrayed Tarlwyn to your satisfaction, as the voice of reason in a world of darkness and doubt. I went back and edited all the older posts for consistency with the direction of this storyline, so I'm hoping it all hangs together properly.

Coming soon: Tuiliel returns to Lothlorien! Will she ever truly recover from the trauma of her captivity? Can she forgive Eluridan for leaving her to face the forces of the Necromancer alone? And what all inquiring minds want to know: what is going on between Tuiliel and Elladan?

Stay tuned, dear readers...all will be revealed!


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