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My Good Friend Nessa,

A burden?  How can that be possible?  More of a blessing actually for this old tailor who is looking to help someone along the path.  I have lots of things to make for the party and some for clients.  So, I need more information about your current tailoring skills (what tiers mastered? what tiers working on?) and about your resource needs.  I have several hides saved back that might help you, and if we but ask, our kinfolk will fill your recipe/pattern book with new additions.

I am excited to have a good tailor to tutor and help.  What a pleasure.  Thank you for honoring me with your trust and help.

a hobbit with a needle and thread

Friend Digger,
I am glad to hear of your excitement to teach. I've currently advanced to the use of pristine hides, and have nearly mastered my use of medium hides. And while I have spent some time (and silver) in the Auction House supplementing my recipe book, there are still many holes to fill.

Good Tailor Nessa,

I sent along some things today to lend you a hand.  More will come as folks find recipes and such. 


Hiya Digs *Hugs*

Beleth is Master Tailor

Beleth, if you need any resources or help getting your GM tier completed, please let me know.  It is the responsibility of the House of Little Blessings to aid our learning tailors.  And I love doing this.



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