The Tinnu Battle of Carn Dum


Notes from Lilly, a Hobbit Huntress

On Saturday, the 9th day of the new year, a small band of Tinnu warriors invaded the castle of Carn Dum.  I was bopping goblins down in the Big Hole at Dolven View when the word came we were going to battle.  Lady Ellewyn who as you know is a warrior of great strength and deep knowledge spread the word and gathered us in the 21st Hall of the dwarf mines.  Our burglar friend of renown, Explorer Vynnie, joined us along with the dangerous elven huntress, Tuiliel.  The final member of this first squad was that famous Runekeeper, Sniff.  A cry went out for one more warrior, but with no replies coming, we decided to launch the invasion.  I was terribly excited and had never seen this feared place of the Witch King.  Even among such notable and experienced warriors, I have to say that I was a little scared.  But I had on my big girl knickers and my great bear mask, so with my little bow in hand, I took that first step.

We fought a few small skirmishes in the streets of Carn Dum before entering the castle.  Once through the gates, we fought our way downward through terrible Angmarim and poisonous pale folks.  Then we entered a lower dungeon and began our way to the lair of Helchgam, a most ferocious beast with poisons and great strong tentacles.  This was a nasty hard fight around the edges of the slimy green pool where he lived.  At one point we were almost done, and silly me in my excitement ran right off the edge into that pool of poisons.  Well, that took all the stuffing out of me for sure.  In a few more moments, dear Vynnie went down from the never-ending stings and blows of his tentacles.  That left only three of our squad in the fight.  My heart was in my throat.  We couldn't lose just here at the start of our invasion.  Oh, why wasn't I looking where I put my stupid hobbit feet?  I was so ashamed.  But Ellewyn with her great club, Tuiliel with her powerful bow, and Sniff with his runes finally brought the monster down.  We had done it.  That and Sniff's aid revived me and Vynnie rejoined us as well.  I crept out on this log to the middle of that poison pool and took the slimy goo from this now dead beast.  That I would later show to a mentor in Archet who would teach me some new hunting things.  Our plan was working.  Step one was a win for the Tinnu.

After that we went back outside the castle and began climbing these teetering and rickety platforms, going ever upward.  From one band of Angmarim and trolls to another, we fought our way up.  Every time I looked down my stomach jerked.  To fall off or be knocked over by a troll was sudden death.  We kept our backs to the walls as much as possible.  Wave after wave of foul things and folk attacked us.  The invasion was completely open now.  No hiding, no slipping by, and no creeping around was possible.  It was simply arrow after arrow until my poor arms were like lead.  My little bow was hot with so many  arrows, and my blades wet with the blood of these enemies.  Carn Dum is one of the most frightening places I had ever seen.  At last we arrived at the top where this incredibly large troll waited with a smirk for our little band.  His words were short, and we said nothing.  We are the Tinnu, and trolls are our specialty.

We attacked with total abandon.  We were thrown about like sparks in a fire.  But we kept on.  Tuiliel's bow sang fiercely across the platforms, and she never stopped.  How did she have such strength for so slender an elf?  And the Lady Ellewyn?  Well what's to tell about someone who will run right up to a troll five times her size and swing her big club at his knees.  Either foolish or brave, it didn't matter.  She made that troll so mad that he never left off stomping and swinging and bashing at her.  Sniff pulled out all his healing runes and rained sweet relief on us all.  And oh thank goodness for our burglar, Vynnie.  Time after time, he led us into our special maneuvers that really took a toll on the troll. Me? Well all I know is I sighted along the arrow like old Jeorl taught me and thought about nothing but slaying that big beast.  I guess I just lost it in the heat of such a fight and my mind was completely focused on my bow, my arrow, and that troll.  At last he fell and we were all exhausted.  Tuiliel started a small campfire, and we sat around for a few minutes right there in the middle of the castle to catch our breath.  Step two was done.  The Tinnu won again.

Only two things remained for us to achieve for a total victory.  First, we had to clean up a nest of morrovals and slay their queen, and then the last act was to slay Mordorith, himself.  He was the new head of this place since the departure of the Witch King.  Slaying Mordorith meant going into his inner castle, climbing clear up to the top to his throne room, and then attacking the most feared enemy in all of Eriador.  I didn't want to think about it too much.  I mean, I am somewhat taller than most hobbits at 4 feet 1 inch, and these normal Angmarim were twice that in height and weight.  I was born to be a simple girl in Bywater.  They were born to be fighters and fear-mongers.  I only had a few months training at this and they had a lifetime of training and experience.  So I don't think it at all unusual that when time came to think about what we were actually going to do, I didn't think at all.  I looked at my kinmates, moved closer to Tuiliel, and thought about the sweet water of the Shire.

I will not bore you with details of our fights which took forever long.  I won't mention how Vynnie was called away and the mighty Silverheart, another elven huntress, joined us.  Nor will I describe the twisted and maze-like castle with corridor after corridor and beasts behind every door.  I won't even tell you how we dropped the Queen of the Morroval in less than a Bywater minute.  And if you really want to know what it was like to fight Mordorith in his own throne room, well see me in the Green Dragon sometime.  I won't tell you how he loosed wave after wave after wave of spells and blows at us.  How we fell and rose and fought on through fires and shadows and dread and every kind of horrid monster from Eriador.  My lips are not telling any of that.  What I will do is show you one little picture we made, and then you will know, as I do, that there are no warriors more fearsome and none more valiant that those of the Tinnu uin Galadhrim.  My kinfolks, we did you proud.  Look at this and remember us - Ellewyn, Vynnie, Tuiliel, Sniff, Silverheart, and me, Lilly from Bywater.

Lilly Penworth Goodsong
Goodsong Manor

Here is how Ms. Lilly and Silverheart chose to exit the the castle after defeating Mordorith. "Speed of horse" may not always be the best option. Ellewyn and Tuiliel awaited the outcome before deciding.

Good work, folks, and excellent recount of events, Master Goodsong. That tower just won't stay clean for long! If there's another run soon I'd love to help. I'd like a chance to get Mordirith's Mirror for the homestead (creepy though it is.)

-H & Company

Ellewyn, what a great photo.  Please note that my little pony landed without incident while the great steed of Silverheart's had a slight limp for awhile. :D  One small leap for hobbit-kind! 

And my good fellow, Henglaf, these notes are not my hubby's but mine - the Mighty Lilly, Huntress from the Shire.  While I am married to him and even follow his path, I am an independent woman with my own ways and notes. So there!  ;)

Lilly Penworth Goodsong


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