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Fair Folk,

Here is an old hobbit story that I wrote in a rhyme for your pleasure.  I do hope you like it.

Love Without Reasons

A flea in a top hat feeling real hot
Went high-hopping out from a spot to a spot.
His necklaces gold, on his hand a big jewel
This Mr. Flea was really too cool.
Up a crate to a porch then over a house,
He high-jumped and landed right on a mouse.

Ms. Mousey, the dear, stepping out from her farm
Was carrying a basket hung over her arm.
She wore the pink dress she had recently sewn.
 When she suddenly noticed she wasn’t alone.
Company was something she would always prefer,
But this company was crawling about in her fur.

Mr. Flea looked around with a sniff and a smile.
This was a spot that appealed to his style.
It smelled like a rose or was it fragrance of lily?
This heavenly spot made Mr. Flea simply silly.
His little head spun and his top hat twirled
His heart leaped up. He had found a new world.

“Who’s there?” cried Mousey in a bit of alarm
She didn’t like strangers who might do her harm.
“My dearest, my sweet,” said the flea in reply.
“I give you my love in endless supply.”
“A lover, you say, come calling on me?”
Whispered Ms. Mousey most hopefully.

“Where are you, good sir?” she asked as she turned.
Her sweet lonely heart for a true love had yearned.
“I’m here by your ear,” he said as he rose
And hopped to a spot at the end of her nose.
“Dear me, you’re a flea,” she cried in a fright.
“I know your kind, your annoying bite.”

“Never!” he answered in a voice calm and strong,
“Never, my darling, would I do you wrong.
“My nature is pure.  My heart’s in a dance.
“You are my true love.  I knew from first glance.”
Ms. Mousey thought long as she stared at this flea,
And considered her heart and the truth of his plea.

“Our love is not possible. You’re small and I’m large.
“I think this a romance we could never discharge.”
“Nothing’s impossible!” cried Flea proud and bold,
“Love conquers all!  Or so I am told.”
With a gesture most handsome, Flea took off his ring.
“Here is a symbol of the love that I bring.”

“For me?” asked Mousey and squinted her sight
For the ring that he offered was dazzling bright.
Ms. Mousey knew well her long lonely days
How she lived by herself in her singular ways.
She accepted his ring, and tied her fur in a knot.
Sparkles like this were Ms. Mousey’s soft spot.

“I think we should give this romance a try,”
She announced with a small loving tear in her eye.
“My dearest,” said Flea, “we shall be happy forever
“Dancing and talking and caring together.”
And so this strange couple in no way the same
Discovered their way to kindle love’s flame.

They lived on their farm for many fine seasons
And grew old together without any reasons.

I am no poet, but will try. It's kind of a work in progress. I feel somewhat in awe of all the talent here, but here goes:

As they lay dying, I step to the next foe.
For it is him, or I, and my time is not now.

As they lay dying, howls of pain fill the air.
The dying scream from wounds mortal.

As they lay dying, the stench of death chokes my senses.
From the blood-soaked ground, and gore covered dagger.

As they lay dying, I live for one more day.
Death is dealt to foes of the Light.

Two new posts on my MyLOTRO page ( a new chapter to begin Volume 3 of Tuiliel's story (just when you think Tui and El will live happily ever after, the road takes its darkest turn yet!), and a farewell tribute to a great blogger, friend, and supporter of the MyLOTRO community whom we lost this week.

For those of you who follow the creative side of LOTRO, yesterday I hosted Blogmoot, a gathering of bloggers from MyLOTRO and other fan sites. It was a lively crowd of writers, and we learned of many exciting projects underway, so keep your eyes open for wonderful new stories and articles (and even a radio show!) coming in the future. Our main topic of conversation was finding an audience--it's hard to keep up the momentum when our posts get no ratings or feedback. So just a reminder: when you see a great blog post, rate it, recommend it to others, and let your favorite writers know that someone is out there enjoying their efforts. If you're looking for some great reading, check out the Featured Scribes widget on my page for links to blogs by Linett, Gaiagil, and many other fine writers. If you discover a great blog that we may not have found yet, let us know!


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