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1  General / Off-topic / Super Bowl Predictions on: January 30, 2008, 09:40:34 PM
Post at for a chance to win 25 gold . . .
2  General / Off-topic / Anyone seen/hear from Erazor lately? on: January 13, 2008, 10:24:53 PM
It looks like he has checked the boards and logged in the game over the last couple weeks though I have not caught him yet.  If you anyone sees him please tell him to contact me through the game, the boards, or e-mail.  I have an item which I need to discuss with him.

3  Kinship / Mablung Luuva (Hunting) / Re: Announcing Our October Hunt! A Call to the Hunt! on: October 06, 2007, 09:04:08 AM
  While I do not know if I will be able to attend I thought I would share some thoughts on the setup. 

First off I believe the proposed scoring system needs some adjusting.  The numbers I have below are what I believe are more accurate for rarity

Ores/Woods/Hides/ - 1 pt
Jewels/Basic Scholar Mats/Standard Recipes - 2 pts (not sure if this is giving too much to scholar pages/journals etc)
Dye Ground spawns (Yarrow, Woad Plants, etc)- 5 points
Standard trophies - 5 pts
Standard Trophies from Elite Monters - 8 points (aurochs, Angmar Turtles, etc)
Rare named trophies 10 pts
Single Use Recipe - 20 pts
Shards - 50 pts

Shards are by far the rarest and most in demand item so I think they should really stand out.  And shards go hand-in-hand with single use recipes.  The rare named trophies are losing crafting appeal for they only work with old recipes which haven't dropped in awhile.  But since they still have bragging rights I think they should give some bonus points (monsters who drop rare trophies should also be dropping a shard as well).

Anyway I use shards as my comparable price for each item, 1 shard = 2.5 single use recipes = stack (10) of standard trophies = 1 stack (50) of ore/hide/wood.  The few other items I was just guessing base on rarity.  I am still betting that ores/hides/wood will still account for the most points.

There should also be months in which if a certain item is in demand that it be given bonus points.  I would say each house should be allowed to assign a x2 value to a particular item each month (whether it be a particular ore/hide or shard or particular trophy).  If there is a greater items that require a raid/instance or something needed specific points for specific items can be determined then (for example obtaining lvl 45 class named trophies).  These would need to be reviewed carefully though and I am guessing they would be worth around the value of a shard. 

If Digger, based on feedback he gets, feels the need for a particular trophy/ore/shard/etc is very high he should have the option to assigning a x3 value on it (replacing the x2 if it was a house item).

Anyway those were a couple of my thoughts for now.

4  Kinship / Aryoni Tatyaron (Heirs of the Tatyar) / Re: Announcing the Great Hall of Crafts - a Charter and FAQ on: August 31, 2007, 11:14:18 PM

Given both Osun and Ithril are skilled in their respective crafts, Metalsmithing/Tailoring and Jewelcraft, I would be interested in attending such meeting.  However, Sunday at the suggested time will not work for me.  (Bears Charger game - sorry been waiting for football season to start for some time).  I believe I am free that Saturday though.  I do need to check my scheduling with my dad though (he had a stroke a year ago and needs 24/7 supervision and only has  a 24/5 live-in so my siblings and I alternate on weekends).  I will keep my eye on when you lock down a time and see if I can attend.  If this plan works out nicely I look forward to Osun giving customers a hard time to going to elves to make their armour . . . and men . . . and hobbits . . . and well other dwarves too depending on his mood.  Heck if we had enough armoursmiths he might even refuse to service any non-dwarfs and send them to another one- would that be too harsh?

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