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1126  Lord of the Rings Online / Quests / Re: Epic Quests: The Calling on: February 27, 2008, 02:54:52 PM
I am on the last part of Book 5 and the first of 7.  I am anxious to get to Book 8 as is Palfo.  Can we make arrangements with anyone to help us?
1127  Kinship / General Discussion / Re: RE: Brief Smoker for Craft Masters and Officers on: February 27, 2008, 12:55:24 PM
Would 3pm Sunday 9th be a good compromise for everyone?  Limit this to 30 mins max.

1128  Kinship / General Discussion / Re: RE: Brief Smoker for Craft Masters and Officers on: February 27, 2008, 06:50:23 AM

I wonder why you can't reply on the thread.  We shall have to look into it cause this is your thread as the Master of Scholars.  I will try to coordinate the time so that we can do it.  Hosklar has a need for a different time.  So I will talk to folks and post some options.

1129  Kinship / Announcements / Brief Smoker for Craft Masters and Officers on: February 26, 2008, 12:23:39 PM
My Fellow Officers and Masters of the Great Hall of Crafts,

I would like to have a short gathering for no more than 30 mins to discuss the Ravenshire Funds and to brainstorm ideas on how to best use them.  I hate meetings and would like to think of this as more a smoker to chat and exchange thoughts and bring everyone up to date.

I would prefer a brief gathering at the Ravenshire House (Sutheim Dwarven Estates, 6 Roaring Road) on a Sunday afternoon or evening before 11pm EST.  Could you all make this one time and never again, I promise, smoker if we set it for March 9?  That would give everyone 2 weeks notice to arrange a half hour smoker.  Please reply here or ingame if you can join us then or suggest a time/date that is better.

Bring your own pipe-weed and ale,
1130  General / Media / Re: Looking for New Clothing? Check this Guide on: February 25, 2008, 06:58:25 AM
At this time only outfit vendors and rep vendors sell the new costume outfits.  We tailors can also make any armor that you can wear as an alternate outfit.  Many of the light and medium armors are quite nice looking as costumes.  Also, hats and other items may be added to your outfit to give it special look.  Tailors can make the normal things like hats and shoes, but outfit vendors and rep vendors sell quivers and packs as well.  See Darzil's catalog for a complete listing and pictures of all outfits and armor.
1131  General / Media / Re: Looking for New Clothing? Check this Guide on: February 21, 2008, 11:25:43 AM
I don't know of a weapon site like this; however, please take a gander at Darzil's latest updated site for all armor including outfits.  This is really the master work on crafted armor.
1132  Lord of the Rings Online / Quests / Re: Rift Rotation on: February 20, 2008, 07:09:16 PM
Hosklar, my friend,

The cyber-gods were generous and merciful.  I solved the problem and have audio working now.  Ready, willing and able for Friday and my very first MMO raid.  Be gentle with this simple hobbit.  Grin
1133  General / Media / Re: Looking for New Clothing? Check this Guide on: February 20, 2008, 10:05:40 AM
And to that end, many of us are now excellent tailors.  I have ample supplies of all hides from light to exceptional.  So if you vist Darzil's catalog that I posted in another thread and see an armor or robe you want, I and my fellow tailors will gladly sew it up for you.  My next tailoring day is this Friday.  Keep those orders coming. Smiley

1134  Lord of the Rings Online / Quests / Re: Rift Rotation on: February 20, 2008, 10:03:04 AM
It is a known bug with SB X Fi-E sound cards and LoTRO.  I have the earphones and just may need to change the dratted card out.  I can hear LoTRO sounds but not voice on chat even though you can hear me.  Odd little bug, but working on it.
1135  Lord of the Rings Online / Quests / Re: Rift Rotation on: February 19, 2008, 01:04:27 PM
I will work on them all day Friday and pray to the cyber-gods, leaving burnt chip offerings.

1136  Lord of the Rings Online / Quests / Re: Rift Rotation on: February 19, 2008, 10:19:14 AM
I am committed to getting my audio working by Friday night, so I do hope we are going still.  Is there room for a hobbit singer?

1137  Kinship / Kinship In-Character Discussion / The River-daughter of Garth Agarwen on: February 19, 2008, 10:17:40 AM
As I sit by the fire in my snug and warm little home in the Southfarling, I read the kinship news and my eyes fall on a small vial on the table at my side.  I put down my reading and examine again this little blue vial that Goldberry, river-daughter of the Withywindle in the Old Forest, filled with her tears.  I have carried this small item a long way in my bags and it has stayed with me through many adventures.  In a few days, I will return it to Dannesen near Ost Goruth, and it will all be done as promised to fair Goldberry.  I hope it gladdens her heart, but I do not truly think so though the deed was done as given and fully.

When I first went to Fair Goldberry to enquire about Garth Agarwen, I had no idea how little I knew about this land and its history.  The sun was fair that day in the Old Forest by the pool where Goldberry sang and walked.  She greeted me fairly as she always does, for we have met before and I know her fellow Tom quite well - or as well as can be for any hobbit since he is a rather strange fellow.  When I told her of my interests, Goldberry became very sad and sat for a long time in silence.  Slowly she began to tell me a tale of a time long now gone and from ages before even the Shire was founded.  I do wish that I could remember her words exactly, but they were like a song and flowed through my heart and mind and took me away in her tale of sadness for her kin.

Long before men came, the area now called Garth Agarwen was fair and flowed with sweet and clear waters in pools and rivulets and streams.  In those days, Goldberry's kin dwelt there, another fair river-daughter.  As time passed, the Rhudaur settled in those lands and built a great fort there which still remains though in ruins.  Rhudar was a part of a great state formed after the breakup of Arnor, and it was always unfriendly with the other two states, Cardolan and Arthedain.  A great battle rose up between Arthedain and Rhudaur over the tower atop Amon Sul or Weatertop and the palantir that was thought to reside there.  This battle raged all along their borders along the Weather Hills and into the Lone Lands.  Garth Agarwen was a great fort and bastion of the Hillmen of Rhudaur, and blood flowed along the rivulets and streams until they turned red and great pools formed of the blood from these battles. 

In the middle of all of this horror and killing was Goldberry's kin, a fair river-daughter whose voice is described as like the rain and whose smile was like the sun - or so says Goldberry.  But over time, the evil, the lies, the treachery, and the blood corrupted the waters and overcame the fair river-maiden.  Her light went out, and she became corrupted fully.  Her demeanor became horrible like a great part of the spreading shadow itself, and she turned fully blood red in color and garment.  She grew in power to dominate the lands and to rule the area with might and darkness, using the remaining hillmen as minions and raising wights and spirits to aid her corruption.  She it is who is now called the Red Maiden - no more a fair river-daughter.

When Goldberry finished her tale there were tears running down her face, and these she caught up in the little blue vial that she gave to me.  She asked me to take her tears and the pure water of her pool and pour it in the Red Maiden's waters when they were calmed.  As she handed me the little vial, my heart was sad and troubled by her tale, and I felt the sorrow of her loss and her grieving for the her kin and the lands of Garth Agarwen.  I told her that I was not a doughty warrior to do such tasks, that I was a hobbit from the Fallohides and not given to heroic deeds and such.  I asked if she thought another might serve her better.  But she only smiled and said that little I knew of the strength of hobbits even though I was one.  No, I was her messenger and I would be the one to carry the vial to her kin.  I stammered a bit and blushed at her praise, and in the end I promised that I would do this deed for her and for the lands.  We parted again, and last I saw she was still singing by her pool along the Withywindle.

Now months have passed, and the deed is done at last.  I thought I might never be able to fulfill my promise to Fair Goldberry and that saddened me greatly.  Yet strange things will turn good in the end so many times.  Captain Staffen returned a few weeks back, and in our conversations it came out that he too shared this mission for the Fair Goldberry.  So we decided that the time had come, and we picked a date on Saturday last to meet and see this to the end.  How that came to pass and what horrors we found in Garth Agarwen today, will be another tale on another day.  Suffice it to say that Captain Staffen is a mighty warrior and we were both pledged on our honor to aid the Fair Goldberry and her kin the Red Maiden. 

Now the fire needs more wood, and I hear Tarlwyn shuffling about in our library.  I must go, my beloved kinfollk.  I will write you more later of how we came to the Gates and found ourselves in dire straights with the foulest of evil and the long reach of the Witch-King in Garth Agarwen.  And how we were rescued by our good kin Loraq, a fierce champion of the free peoples.

1138  General / Media / Looking for New Clothing? Check this Guide on: February 18, 2008, 03:02:55 PM
Here is a good guide to the new costumes available and their locations/vendors.  Although it is nearly complete, it is still a work in progress.  The models allow you to see what each looks like so you can select just the right clothing for your character.  Here is the URL
1139  Kinship / Announcements / Re: Orophor gone -- AGAIN?! on: February 18, 2008, 11:58:07 AM
Our Good Tur,

Be safe, have a pleasant trip, and return soon.  Meanwhile, me, Hosklar, and Aelanor are going to Evendim for a vacation and a swim on the sunny beaches.  We can be reached by post if needed.   Grin  Just joking. Have a good trip.

1140  Kinship / Kinship In-Character Discussion / A Strange Conversation on: February 18, 2008, 09:16:47 AM
It is odd how you start doing one thing and something else just happens instead.

It was early morning in Esteldin when I rode up to the new craft hall and tied Belle to the post out front.  A slight chill was in the air from the storm the night before and the wind whipped around my neck and down my back.  I pulled my cloak tighter around me and walked into the Hall.  The place was filled with smoke and noise as folks from all over were busy working their crafts.  The din nearly stopped me; there was so much chatter and pounding and clanging.  But I made my way to the workbench and setup my tailoring table for work.  I had worn my work clothes so that I could be comfortable while I settled in for a long day of sewing and tanning.  I had a lot of orders to fill for my kinfolk, especially the whole new outfit for our burglar Master Garridoc.  With my apron tied about me snugly and my sleeves rolled up, I let the noise drift into the background and began to work.

Not long after I had finished tanning some hides, I saw one of the Rangers come in through the main door and settle over in one of the corners by the foundry.  Since I needed a break, I put my things aside and walked over to see how the day looked for my good friends here in the north.  I tossed a bag of pipeweed in the air and greeted Erenor with a nod and smile.  We both filled our pipes and settled in for some catching up and sharing of news.  It wasn't long before a couple of strangers joined us, and a real lively conversation filled our corner as views were exchanged and stories told.

One of the strangers had recently been over around Fornost, and his clothes were worn and needing repair.  While he told his stories of how the battles were going on those Fields, I offered to mend his cloak and shirt for him.  So he settled down and got comfortable while I sewed and he talked and Erenor listened.  He told a tale of a new fellow, strong and handsome, who was clearly of Gondoran stock.  Apparently, this stranger was quite the hearty warrior, sometimes reckless but quick and strong.  I wasn't paying a lot of attention and my mind was wandering back to Master Garridoc's new outfit still unmade.  Then he said a very interesting thing.

The fellow told how this stranger from Gondor was hunting someone and not for any good, it seemed.  He asked everywhere about this person he was tracking, gathering clues and bits of information as he could.  Seems he had tracked this person clear across Bree and into the North Downs to the Fields of Fornost.  My new friend said he thought there was a grudge of some kind between the stranger and this person, but he didn't pry or get too nosey.  All in all, my new friend said the stranger was very passionate about finding this fellow and setting something to rights again whatever that was about.  I asked a few more questions about this Gondoran stranger and only found out that he was headed now to Evendim where he thought his quarry had gone. 

My new friend said everyone thought the Gondoran stranger was a good fellow well met and a boon companion in any battle.  But the general thought was that he was a rover and would not stay for long with any group.  After that Erenor gave me some more hides that he had, and I gave him a new sash for his troubles.  The conversation drifted and the pipes were knocked out.  We all broke up and went back to our benches to the work at hand.  Erenor told me that he would ask after the Gondoran stranger since I seemed interested, and he would get back to me next time I was through Esteldin if there was any news.

I went back to work and got absorbed in Master Garridoc's new garments.  These were fine clothes and needed extra care since they were for a burglar and must be loose and silent.  I finished making his order, smelted some ore for the warehouse, and completed my list of various cloaks and gloves that folks wanted before heading back south to Bree.  As I rode along the Greenway, my thoughts returned about this Gondoran stranger and what strange mission he was engaged in, chasing another fellow clear across the lands like that.  I wondered if this might have anything to do with Arabell's brother but thought not and put it out of my mind.

This morning at breakfast in the Shire while Tarlwyn was out gardening, I read through the kinship news and saw Arabell's notes.  That's when I thought that I should tell her about this strange conversation I had in Esteldin the other day.  It just might be something to do with her brother.  Better to tell and be wrong that miss a chance for news.  I promised to write up a note for the kinship just in case this might help her.  Jeorl came back through the door with a loud song and some fresh meat he had found nearby.  So the day begins, and I must turn now to our homely chores.  I do hope this is useful but maybe not.

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