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Title: Thanks Tinnu for all your help and support
Post by: Morlocrond on September 24, 2009, 08:11:37 AM
Well for a casual type gamer like myself.  I use casual loosely so as not to start an argument.  I made it to a mile stone, that for me is a great achievement.  I entered the serene forests of Lorien last night for the first time.  Haven't made enough rep to enter the city yet, but all in due time.

I wish to thank all the Tinnu members on being so helpful, kind, patient, etc, etc,...( i could go on and on).  This guild makes it real easy to play lotro thats in a game genre that no matter what you, will always end up "grinding" something for something.  So here is to Tinnu for all the help and support in the past and future that helps increase the enjoyment of an already enjoyable game.

I thank you.

PS. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong section.

Title: Re: Thanks Tinnu for all your help and support
Post by: Orophor on September 24, 2009, 01:04:47 PM
Thank you for sharing your gratitude with the kinship Morlocrond. I too am grateful for the fine fellowship of our kin. The understanding and support we share for one another is a true gift, freely given and joyously received.

Congratulations on making it to Lorien. Once you have earned the trust of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, you may take refuge in Lothlorien to rest before we march off to Mirkwood and the pace of war quickens.

Though our road ahead is a dark one, there we must go. For what small hope we have is in standing fast against the Dark Lord. As I promised Master Goodsong, we shall one day picnic before the Black Gates. I am pledged to bring an army, whilst he shall bring the food.


Title: Re: Thanks Tinnu for all your help and support
Post by: Harmonii on September 24, 2009, 04:14:53 PM
I agree with you whole-heartidly, this kin has a flame kindled inside of it, and I've never felt more at ease around a group of people, online or in rl, they really are a superb bunch, and we are blessed to have them as family. I look forward to the long march to mirkwood with those i care about, and relish the thought of eating Master Goodsong's excellent gourmet feast at the Black Gates. I miss you all, and hope to see you soon!
                                                                                              Harmonii Moonchylde

Title: Re: Thanks Tinnu for all your help and support
Post by: Morlocrond on September 25, 2009, 05:55:39 AM
I'd be happy to be the rear guard for the march to Mirkwood.  I would be brash and say I will be the vanguard, but as many well know your horses would out run me. ;) (I own not one horse. Its a long story. :) ) 

And now that I read what I wrote yesterday I do apologize for the bad grammar.  I am dreadful at grammar of any sort. 

Title: Re: Thanks Tinnu for all your help and support
Post by: Digger on September 29, 2009, 03:52:13 PM
Since the first day I left the Shire and joined this kinship, I have felt this spirit that the good people have about each other and about the kinship, itself.  I attribute much of it to the inspiring non-leading leadership that our Tur brings us and the few but meaningful values he has instilled in every one of us.  Thoughts like 'RL always trumps VL' and 'No oath binds us' and 'Let each enjoy the game in their own way' along with several others, have truly made a huge difference in our feelings towards each other and about this game.  I salute such leadership and hope that somehow I contribute to it in my small way.

I think of this game as a playground with lots of rides and toys and open areas to enjoy and have fun with.  Like any public playground, just about every kind of person somehow wanders onto it at one time or another.  Many seem to forget that the purpose is play; our kinship does not forget this from our newest to our oldest member.  To me, play is actually a very serious thing and it is important to my own growth and thinking.  Playing with this group of people is one of the best times, and I hope that I have been responsible and used playtime to grow and create.  There are certainly times the game as it is delivered gets boring, and this must be true of all playgrounds unless we add our own creativity and expand the use of things beyond their delivered intents.  There is so much more one can do with a swing than go back and forth.

Thanks, Morlocrond, for reminding me why I love this kinship and why I play with good folks like you.  Now, next time you see me, let's talk some horse-talk, ok?  No horse is serious, and I am a serious hobbit.  Let's talk soon, kinmate.

Digger Goodsong
forever young