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Title: Using the Auction Hall for Kinship
Post by: Digger on July 02, 2007, 12:11:33 PM
Mae Govannen, good kin,

I have been clearing my bags and my vault in order to make room to gather the good things that we all need.  In addition, I have been working at my craft, tailoring, and developed some expertise at the journeyman level.  Selling these on the normal auction block seems rather casual to me, and I wanted to post them for the kinship on the AH.  This would allow me to avoid the postal fees on strawberries and iron ore and still give them to you as my gifts.  I will be doing that this next Sunday with the buyout price set to a few coppers to cover my adventuring costs only, no higher than 50c. 

This would help me get the items to you, avoid you getting gifts that are not needed, and clear my bags of collections (I now have one whole bag of just things being gathered for folk. ;) ) So when you visit the AH this coming weekend, do take a moment and check out our kinship auctions.  I hope this works. :-\

May the light go with you always,
Tarlwyn and Digger

Title: Re: Using the Auction Hall for Kinship
Post by: Staffen on July 03, 2007, 06:27:13 AM
Very generous of you. I've actually never even used the auction house before :\ It's always an afterthought when I'm out in the wilderness being attacked by wargs or something else. At least I have a good reason to familiarize myself with it now. I'll keep a look out this weekend.


Title: Re: Using the Auction Hall for Kinship
Post by: Digger on July 03, 2007, 07:09:36 AM
Noble Staffen,

The AH is my main means of earning a few coppers, and I do find things there that are difficult to gather in the wilds.  Ware the prices though, some junior folk just try to make their fortunes on one item and one bid, like youngin's are want to do.  I am sorry to have missed you last weekend, and I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

BTW Kinship auctions have not been available in the past, and they are to be opened by July 1.  I hope it is so.  It would be a great method for us to exchange items and lend a hand to our kin.


Title: Re: Using the Auction Hall for Kinship
Post by: Digger on July 16, 2007, 01:43:36 PM
Good Friends and Kin,  Mae Govannen,

Well, now that experience with AH kinship auctions has taught me some valuable lessons, I would like to share them with you.  First, this is very expensive to place an item for auction - well above normal rates.  Next, we, as a kinship, don't really check those postings (no fault there, we just don't, myself included), so that means lots of returns.  All in all, I suspect that just talking with folks is a much preferable way to pass things among us than using this rather disappointing approach.  It is sad that in the seeming philosophy of the game design that encourages fellowships and kinships, this AH function is so discouraging to use. 

What has been the reaction of others?  Has anyone tried besides me, and I only tried once.  But then once seemed sufficient for me. ;)

No galu govad gen,

Title: Re: Using the Auction Hall for Kinship
Post by: Calandil on July 16, 2007, 05:47:10 PM
I've used the kinship only auctions to both buy and sell a couple of things.  I do agree that the posting costs are rather high, and anything I've posted is usually listed for the cost of what it took to post.  It's main strength, I would say, is kind of limited to our few scholars.  Being able to post things such as potions and crafting lore items in somewhat large quantities can be useful, as long as people are checking for these listings.  These types of items are useful to pretty much all of us and being able to make them available to others who may be around at different times.  I've also started experimenting with listing certain crafting critical successes that I would prefer to keep within the kinship if they're wanted.  At higher levels, the posting fees don't seem quite as steep, so I don't mind it being reposted a time or two.  Smaller things such as recipes, however, I'll typically turn around and sell publicly if they don't sell via a kinship auction, though.